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SPD is driving me mad!! Please help!!

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Ladyem Fri 17-Jul-09 21:20:18

Wondered if any of you suffering from SPD could help me out. I've not had my physio appointment yet (even though I was refered 9 weeks ago!) and I am having awful trouble at night in bed.

If I sleep on my side, then when I try to change positions my hips make an awful clicking sound and I can feel each side moving independently - is awful sad. But if I sleep propped up on pillows, I just don't feel like I've had a good nights rest!

Any suggestions would be great! I've tried pillows between my knees etc, but nothing seems to help!

stubbyfingers Fri 17-Jul-09 21:30:15

You poor thing, it's horrible isn't it?

I also had SPD in my second pregnancy and my midwife was totally clueless. I ended up going to a chiropractor at about 25 weeks and it was incredible; I walked in in pain and walked out pain free. Now I wasn't chronic like some people, I could still walk and stuff, but it really was amazing the difference. It wasn't cheap - about £20 a pop and you have to go several times - but it was so worth it to be pain free.

My chiropractor was very careful and knowledgable about how to treat preggers and always took my blood pressure first (and was the first to find out I had pre-eclampsia, but that's another story!).

Good luck, I hope you find something that helps you.

sazm Fri 17-Jul-09 23:55:32

i didnt get referred to phisio for mine,as they told me it didn't help much,they gave me a tubigrip to wear which helped a lot,

supersalstrawberry Sat 18-Jul-09 00:04:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladyem Sat 18-Jul-09 08:08:43

Thanks for the posts!

stubbyfingers I'll look into a chiropractor as I'm desperate for some relief! Managed 4 hours sleep last night, but then was awake again!

sazm Will ask my midwife about the tubigrip as I've heard these can help smile

supersalstrawberry Not thought of satin pjs to help slide!! grin I've looked on the other threads re: spd, but it seems there's not much help for us! Just put up with it until the baby comes.

Thanks again, ladies!

stubbyfingers Sat 18-Jul-09 09:08:38

By the way, have you got something like this? You do have to watch out for it being pinched by your OH!

Astrophe Sat 18-Jul-09 09:21:19

codeine Thats what is getting me sleep these days...only 4 days until due date now though

And rest, as much as is humanly possible.

My midwife is clueless too- had to ask my physio to ring her and explain my limitations and issued during labour. Hopeless really, as its not an uncommon problem.

How long have you got to go?

Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 18-Jul-09 10:23:55

I'm really suffering too. Got referred at 28 weeks (nearly 32 now) - my back is suffering from having to lift my disabled 3 year old so I have to try and squat to lift 'correctly' but then it feels like someone is stabbing me between my legs with a sharp sword. The pain is excruciating and then I get stuck squatting and can't get up sad. Getting up for a wee in the night is also agony. They just don't seem to care at all do they? This is my 3rd and I didn't have it all with my first two thank goodness.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 18-Jul-09 10:24:57

forgot to say have been referred for physio but not heard a thing, baby will be here probably by the time I get to see physio.

GaribaldiGirl Sat 18-Jul-09 11:03:22

ladyem - i've got it too - i was fine until week 35, but now i'm 38 weeks it's so painful i could cry every time i have to walk anywhere. like you, turning in bed is excrutiating. i've found turning under rather than over seems to make it easier (ie roll onto your bump rather than your back to change sides). the doctor said to rest as much as possible (not much chance, got 4 children under 10 already and live in a 4 storey house). i paid to see a physio who advised keeping 'gently mobile' since not moving can make you stiffer. i've found bouncing gently on a swiss ball seems to help a little. the midwife didn't seem that sympathetic. I think i could cope with it if i thought it would disappear quickly after birth, but the thought of having a small baby with this much pain is not nice. anyone know what happens after delivery? BTW I found a website by an organisation called the pelvic partnership which was quite useful.

Astrophe Sat 18-Jul-09 11:13:58

FWIW, those of you waiting to see physios - I don't think they can do much anyway. My physio is very good, but basically advised me on how to stand/lift/move etc with least pain, keep knees together, avoid leaning and twisting, avoid assymetrical positions, avoid stairs when posible etc. Also strenghthening core muscles by doing Pelvic floor and inner ab muscle excersizes is supposed to help with general stability.

My physio issued me a 4 inch wide elastic belt to wear on my lower hips. I find this a bit of help with the hip pain, but quite uncomfortable in itself, so don't wear it unless I am out and on my feet all day. I also have a tubigrip (like a huge elastic bandage worn around my belly - from under boobs right down to hips). If you are really struggling but can't see a physio sooner, maybe consider trying to get something similar at boots? Or even a scarf/wrap tied around hips might help?

Re labour, my physio thinks delivering on all fours will be best for me. To labour in the lithotomy (stirrups, or on back with knees apart) position would be very painful and possibly cause pelvic damage, so I have said I will not concent to a forceps delivery but will choose a caesarean instead if an unassisted vaginal birth doesn't look like its going to happen.

Re position for stitches (likely for me, as I have needed them with CD1 and DC2), I have writen about my limited movement in my birth plan, and MW has agreed to stitch with me with legs flat on bed but slightly apart, and to work with me to find least painful position. Physio thinks pelvic damage during stitching is unlikely (even in stirrups) as I would not be straining and pushing.

I hope that helps, and that you get to see a physio soon. Any chance of finding one privatly?

Reallytired Sat 18-Jul-09 17:32:42

I had SPD. I found with the support belt that it was much more comfortable to wear over clothes than under clothes. It did look at bit strange but it did help me to walk.

I also found a birthing ball helpful. I used to sit on it while reading mumsnet.

If its any consultation, women with SPD often have easier births as the joints are so loose. I had a three minute second stage and no stitches. I was recommended supported kneeling to give birth in, but I ended up giving birth standing up as my daughter narrowly missed being born down the toilet.

GaribaldiGirl Sun 19-Jul-09 11:02:24

Reallytired - that's interesting what you say about speedy births. My second stage for my last 2 deliveries was less than 2 minutes. They literally shot out - the midwife was laughing last time about how fast my son popped out. My current pregnancy is the first time i've been officially told I have SPD, but I think I had a miled version in the 2 previous ones (similar symptoms, but more bearable). So maybe there is a plus side to this pain!

Ladyem Sun 19-Jul-09 20:57:32

Hi Ladies!

Thanks so much for your comments and advice! I see my midwife on Thursday, so I'll have to have a chat with her about my birthing options. I may be up for a c-section anyway as DD got stuck and suffered shoulder dystocia at birth, so for me delivery wasn't easy last time even with SPD!!!

Re: the advice of keeping legs together as much as possible, I can't help thinking 'if only I'd done this in the first place, I wouldn't be in this pain!!!' blush Lol!! wink

It is getting so bad now, that I really cannot lie on my side as I get stuck and it makes the pain so much worse. Managed to find a comfy sleeping position with lots of pillows propping me sitting up and a pillow underneath my knees. Last night I slept right through for the first time in weeks! grin

It seems like it is quite a common condition in pregnancy, but for some reason we are expected to put up with it. Hmmmmm hmm I bet if it was men who had the babies they'd have a cure!!

Thanks again!!

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 20-Jul-09 17:28:59

Just had a phone call and I have a cancellation for a physio appointment tomorrow - will let you know how I get on. Today has been awful - all I did was lift my 3 year old in and out of the car and her wheelchair a couple of times and then walk round a shop or two and this afternoon has been agony. sad. Can't see how I'm going to manage the next 7 weeks till the little one arrives.

Ladyem Tue 21-Jul-09 10:17:10

HBOB hope you get on ok at the physio appointment. I'm going to have to make a fuss, I think as it will be 10 weeks since referral, which I think is absolutely diabolical.

My neighbour is an occupational therapist and has given me a big stretchy support band to put round my hips and I had so much less pain last night! Only trouble is it presses in my bladder, so when I got up this morning I had to practically run to the bathroom!! (Sorry tmi!! blush) But worth considering if you can get hold of one!!

I've also found that if I sleep on my side, right on the edge of the bed, then when I need to change positions I can drop out of bed onto the floor on my hands and knees, rather than trying to roll over, and that wasy it's less painful and also my hips don't make that awful clicking sound!

ZippysMum Tue 21-Jul-09 11:59:27

Hot water bottle between the legs at the top helps me - though I don't think I have it as badly as you Ladyem - get well soon!!

mummypig Tue 21-Jul-09 12:11:08

I had a support belt, and I bought a DreamGenii for sleeping, and got local parents to help out with the school run. I am also not sure that the physio helped much but the support belt did. Many many sympathies to anyone in this situation as I know how awful it is.

Oh and the physio said to lie in bed flat for a while before I tried to get up and I think that helped although not much use when having to get up for a wee or for one of the kids.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 21-Jul-09 22:06:30

LadyEm, I don't seem to have it as bad as you either, get on that phone and complain, you should have been seen by now!

Physio was quite good, actually got me lying down and kind of moved my pelvic and hips aorund a bit, was painful but afterwards great. Gave me exercises and also a huge piece of stretchy elastic to wrap myself up in - looks weird, feel great!

Ladyem Tue 21-Jul-09 22:19:39

HBOB Glad the physio went well! Sounds as if they do actually do something, then! I see my MW this Thurs, so I'll have to corner her about it. I'm wondering if she just forgot to refer me or follow it up as it seems strange to have been waiting all this time.

Bernadiva Wed 22-Jul-09 00:04:26

Sorry, no advice but I can really feel for you. I had SPD postnatally with my first and it really ruined my first weeks with my beautiful baby boy sad. SPD wasn't diagnosed until months later when I read about it and asked my Dr about it!

I got through my 2nd pregnancy OK but now I am 3 1/2 months pregnant again and already starting to get pain in my groin area. I'm really hoping it doesn't progress into fully blown SPD.

Ladyem Wed 22-Jul-09 09:00:51

Thanks bernadiva, it is getting me down a bit now as I'm finding it difficult to play with my 2 year old and I can't really explain to her why Mummy can't run around with her and pick her up as much. Even a short walk is getting hard now, so I need some help!

I hope that yours doesn't get too bad this time, but if it does make sure you get referred really early or you might be 34 weeks like me and still not have been seen!!

notjustapuppymum Wed 22-Jul-09 16:52:31

Hi Ladyem, I have very mild SPD which came on around 20/21 weeks into this pregnancy and I did some research on the internet which suggested physio is actually not very effective but all that the NHS have to offer. I went to see an Osteopath privately and whilst expensive (£45 first appt and £38 thereafter)I just couldn't recommend it highly enough. I am in no pain or discomfort at all now and can turn over in bed, stand on one leg getting dressed and walk my dogs with no problems. I'm going every couple of weeks for the rest of my pregnancy and would pay double if I had to - in my opinion you can't put a price on being pain free!

GaribaldiGirl Wed 22-Jul-09 19:22:29

After reading the advice in this thread I bought one of those support belts. Wore it for the first time today because i needed to walk quite a bit. I found i could only wear it when standing otherwise it was really uncomfortable and made the baby wriggle non-stop. This evening the pain is much better - usually am unable to move and in serious pain by teatime. I would definitely recommend getting one to anyone.

Bernadiva Fri 24-Jul-09 00:47:17

Yes I have my first midwife appt (at 16 weeks shock)next Thurday so I will mention it then!

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