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Dates way out- thought i was 9 w but only 6.3

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pastahat Fri 17-Jul-09 15:13:04

Hi, just wanted some advice; went for USS today , thought i was 9w pregnant as BFP 5w ago exactly (was first response though), scan showed only 6+3! heartbeat fine though. she said not to worry as this can happen but how have i ended up so far out? Especially with BFP 5w ago, surely i must have conceived before that? (LMP 8/5 but are bit irregular) Best not to worry i know but have slight fear not growing properly etc? anyone any similar experiences? Prob should have just waited for 12 w scan!! thanks

reikizen Fri 17-Jul-09 16:42:39

At 6wks your baby is about the size of the 'o' on your keyboard at the moment, so hard to tell how it is growing at this stage but the heartbeat was present so it's all good! The sonographer would have told you if they had any concerns and booked you for a re-scan. But you should have asked the sonographer if you had any concerns, so when you do next go to see midwife/sonographer etc ask them instead of coming home worrying. wink

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