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10 weeks,stinking cold & extreme exhaustion.

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sillysow Fri 17-Jul-09 14:35:18

Hi all, I am in my first pregnancy, have had a cold and been off work for a week now. I still have the cold - although not as bad - but cannot shift this extreme exhaustion. I am utterly useless.

Any suggestions?

Have been taking honey and lemon, with the odd bit of paracetamol - other than this been hiding under the duvet.

arolf Fri 17-Jul-09 15:16:28

I had the same thing - but in my case, it was flu - at 10 weeks. Sleeping it off is pretty much the only option I'm afraid IT knocked me out for a couple of weeks, but that was possibly due to my work only allowing me 1 day off, so I was dragging myself in each day making myself iller.

Hope you're feeling better soon - it's grim while it lasts though.

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