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Sore Boobs

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kay1980 Fri 17-Jul-09 14:05:38

Hi, I am five weeks pregnant and just started having very sore boobs. This is my fifth pregnancy the first one being a normal one but it was about 9 years and unfortunately the last 3 have all be MC's

I just wanted to know how long the soreness usually lasts for because tbh I've forgotten with it being 9 years since I had a normal pregnancy. This may well end in a miscarriage too but I just wanted to know so I'm not worrying so much when they do eventually start hurting less

wasabipeanut Fri 17-Jul-09 14:10:15

Hi Kay, sorry to hear of your mc's but congrats on this pregnancy!

Well I didn't have sore boobs in my 1st or 2nd pregnancies (the 1st went to term, the 2nd sadly didn't) but with thus one my norks have been sore and ridiculously tender since around 10 days after ovulation and I am now 11+5.

I take it as a good sign although it isn't always pleasant. Good luck and try to think positive!

BayeauxT Fri 17-Jul-09 21:15:09

Hi Kay, I am 8+6 with 2nd pregnancy and I have days when my boobs are agony and others when they are fine - i think they go through 'growth spurts' as I have gone from a C-cup to an E in a matter of weeks. I vaguely remember it was much the same last time around for me, but can't remember how long it went on for before they settled down... good luck for this pregnancy btw!

Ladyem Fri 17-Jul-09 21:34:08


I had really sore boobs from about 7 weeks until around 16 weeks, then they were just a bit tender after that. I even had to wear a bra to bed when they were really bad and I only have little ones!!!blush Lol!! I'm now 33 weeks and they've started tingling as if they are getting ready for the milk!

With my 1st pregnancy They hurt up until about 12/13 weeks, then got much better. Friends of mine have had it for much less time than that, though, so don't worry too much if they stop hurting in a couple of weeks.

Good luck!! smile

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