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Fantastic 40's Pregnant And Popped !

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johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 10:41:59

Fabulous 40 and over ladies.

If you're pregnant or already popped, come and join our merry band. All welcome for chat, gossip, rants, and top tips!

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 10:48:01

Noticed we were at 996 posts on the old thread so here's a shiney new one grin

Ok verdict from GP: K has a cold. Chest clear. No temperature. Thinks the cough is the snot running down her throat when she lies down. Calpol and fluids and to ring him again if she starts to get any worse.

Strangely asked me if I was medically qualified. Praps cos I know what I'm talking about re her breathing. No brainer really. We've been through that much, if I haven't picked something up....Anyhoo. Feel a bit more reassured and K is up in her cot catching up on zzzzzzzzzzz's.

I think we're going to get a takeaway on Sunday and have it at home instead of going out. Seems more sensible.

ermintrude your recipe came out very well indeed. Even DH likes it. DD#1 gave it 8/10 as she doesn't actually like bananas hmm I substituted nuts/fruits for chocolate chips as it wouldn't have got eaten with anything vaguely healthy in it. Another resounding success. Cheers me dear! grin

mrsboogie Fri 17-Jul-09 11:08:03

Oh thank goodness jw so relieved it is nothing serious.

D has had probably ten or fifteen colds and with one two of them he has had that coughing thing when he lies down - usually much worse when he has been asleep and lying down for a while. He can cough horribly for half an hour non-stop and you'd be convinced he had a chest infection but for the fact that it stops when he has been up and about for a while. Propping up on a pillow helps a bit.

I don't blame you for bringing forward the hibernation - I assume you will be looking seriously at getting K vaccinated against flu when the time comes?

dawn she sounds like a spoilt cow however in my book people who do nothing for you have one great advantage - you don't have to do anything for them ever and you don't have to feel guilty about ignoring them when they need something. That may sound horrible but I don't care. You should look after your little unit and forget she even exists...

We are off today as D's nursery day trip to a soft pay centre and petting farm was meant to be happening and we were going to go along - unfortunately(or fortunately) it has been cancelled because of the dreadful weather here so we are all tucked in watching in the Night Garden. Need to decide what to do later though...

jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 11:08:27

WHAH! I did a new thread!!!!!! Never mind - this one's nearer the top now - blimey the preggie board moves quickly.

jw that's good news - no temp either - excellent. I burnt my banana cake...someone small and into pressing the timer on the cooker switched the timer and one hour 5o mins later it went beeb...just as I thought I could smell burning grin I bet it was lovely though!

Verity is still asleep - boy I've got so much cleaning done it's almost impossible!

Tee2072 Fri 17-Jul-09 11:25:17

Thanks for the new thread, JW!

So glad its just a cold for K. When are GPs going to realize that mummies learn things about their children? How else do we take care of them?

A slept pretty much all night! Slept from 1 - 6, had two sips of a bottle, fell back to sleep until 9! I hope he keeps doing that!

mrsboogie Fri 17-Jul-09 11:31:20

omg tee it has taken D ten months to do have that kind of night ad he still doesn't do it very often! last night he went form 9pm to 6am though so can't moan too much. Lucky you having a spare room though to sleep in all night-that's luxury that is!

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 11:45:14

JJ just laughing at your burnt banana cake (good job bonzo isn't around today. She'd be barfing at the mere thought of it!) One of the good things our oven isn't at small finger height grin

Blimey tee that chat you had with A has certainly done the trick. Way to go!

mrsb I do hope you are enjoying ITNG. K loves Upsy Daisy. Big smiles as soon as she appears. I think it's her hair that does it.

I've already asked about the flu jab. DSS gets it routinely as he's asthmatic. K will get it too as she has a long term illness. Myself and DH will get it this year as carers to them. We both got it back in January too. Not sure how long we'll be able to get it though but glad we are doing. <---grateful for small mercies smile

Was fleetingly watching Fern on her last day on This Morning. I think she's the sort of woman I'd like to live next door to. I'll go and inform my (very aged) neighbours that they'll need to sell up. wink

dawntigga Fri 17-Jul-09 12:26:11

Waves to everyone on the new thread so's I can find it


jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 12:35:21

tee WOW! Yes, Verity was well past a year before she managed that sad *commiserates with mrsb

ah - I was wondering how long the flu jabs last - just thinking about my mum and dad.

NO - YOU come down here and live - seriously, I think YOU should be Fern's neighbour and then K and Verity can be friends and be at neighbouring schools. She literally lives in the closest posh bit to me - just round by Iris's school and then I wouldn't be Johnny-no-mates grin *wishful thinking eh!*

Talking of schools off to pick up Iris

ermintrude13 Fri 17-Jul-09 12:37:23

Right, next new thread is bagsied by JJ, OK? Sorry to hear about banana bread fiasco, but glad yours was good JW (mm, choc chip, good idea) - it's the only way my DD will eat bananas too! Also relieved to hear that K just has a cold.

I missed all the drama - went to bed at 10, fed A till 11 and then he slept till 3 and again 3.30 til 8.00! He and Adam Jacob have been having words, clearly smile. Although sounds like they could still do with a chat from baby D - way to go mrsB, 9-6 envy. Strangely, I'm still tired, but not in a dangerous way.

Tee Hope you get the advice and meds you need soon and can get back to enjoying mummydom and life in general smile

dawntigga I second everything that's been said about SIL. Drop her - not nastily or with any hoo-ha, and not trying to turn your DH against her in any way, but quietly retreat, don't visit her and don't expect anything of her. If she notices she might ponder why this is happening and come to some realisation but more likely she'll just fade into the background a bit more and get off your nerve endings.

We have a no-neck giraffe. Looks suspiciously the same shape as the horse from the same range. And indeed the monkey hmm.

Finally signed off from MW now that Arthur has gone up to 9lb 15oz, 1oz off birth weight. smile

Tee2072 Fri 17-Jul-09 12:53:37

Oh I'm sure he'll sleep like crap tonight, all! He does tend to sleep in cycles. And eat as well. He's barely eaten in the last 24 hours, compared to what he ate the 24 hours before!

dawn I agree with everyone else. Dump her!!

mrsboogie Fri 17-Jul-09 13:04:19

haha -I think I said tee D did the same eat loads then eat bugger all in cycles. I remember saying to OH how he'd only had 2oz all day and how he'd never eaten so little and OH would say "you said the same thing last time he did this! I gave up worrying in the end and just gave him as little or as much as he wanted. I'm sure BF babies do the same only its not so obvious how much they are having.

Well, we had our picnic for the day out on the living room floor - D just squashed it into his hands and all over the floor but he did eat some butternut and chilli dip off a bit of pitta bread and some orange juice jelly.

then he got into my handbag found my face bronzer and ate it and wiped it all over the floor hmm

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 14:05:26

Ahhhh mrsb sounds exactly like the kinds of japes K gets up to. Didn't you know that bronzer is good for you? Well it is..lick a bit from off D's fingers smile

ermintrude sounds like your little A is doing well too. Valium breast milk obviously wink

Sorry I did the thread JJ. If I'd have seen yours then I wouldn't have done. Just assumed that no one had seen the 996 posts and decided to go for thread #24. Deffo yours next time. My creativity has vanished sad

Oh I'm all of a dither that you live near Fern. I bet her house is very nice. And she's got the delightful Phil too. I bet he cooks for her and buys her nice, thoughtful, b'day prezzies. Bitch grin If we had the half mill it'd prolly take to move down there (and even then that'd buy us a shed), then we'd be off like a shot. Instead, I guess I'll have to stick it out with ye olde neighbours. sad

DH and DSS have taken themselves off to watch Harry Potter - the midlife crisis, or whatever it is they're up to by now wink

A little bit of calm for hopefully, 10 minutes or so whilst Princess K snoozes. Found that she'll only go to sleep with the blinds open and Jeremy Vine on the radio. Odd child.

jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 14:55:13

jw I can think of worse people to fall asleep to/with.....Mmmm, I think I have a slight crush on Jeremy Vile hmm

Iris is refusing any sleep - just wants to leap about like a frog on acid....can't understand it....just like yesterday.

erm wow - good sleeping there. The lightest sneeze seems to wake Verity which is annoying as DP has an annoying dry cough that has taken to waking her at 6 every morning Gggrrrr

mrsb whoops - I wonder if you'll be able to tell when the bronzer comes out the other end?! Been hilarious if he'd covered his face in a mini Dale Winton or Des O'Connor grin

jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 14:55:16

jw I can think of worse people to fall asleep to/with.....Mmmm, I think I have a slight crush on Jeremy Vile hmm

Iris is refusing any sleep - just wants to leap about like a frog on acid....can't understand it....just like yesterday.

erm wow - good sleeping there. The lightest sneeze seems to wake Verity which is annoying as DP has an annoying dry cough that has taken to waking her at 6 every morning Gggrrrr

mrsb whoops - I wonder if you'll be able to tell when the bronzer comes out the other end?! Been hilarious if he'd covered his face in a mini Dale Winton or Des O'Connor grin

jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 14:55:47

Weird....didn't press anything twice hmm

iris66 Fri 17-Jul-09 15:11:44

Hi all - just bookmarking the new thread. I've not had a chance to catch up properly (tired and miserable - hormones bloody hormones sad) will back on track soon - hopefully hmm.

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 15:18:10

Awww iris hope you're ok smile

JJ why Jeremy Vile? You're not thinking of the other Jeremy are you (of the Kyle variety?). Apparently Jezza Kyle is tiny. My DS#2 went to see the filming and said he wears cuban heels shock Jezza that is, not my son.

I think Jeremy VINE is lush grin

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 15:20:07

I read on the DM this morning that there is a maybe proposal to keep schools closed after the hols....then another says to open them as the virus is too far spread. I dunno what to believe. 65k dead...another maybe? Lordy. Let's be careful out there.

BonzoDoodah Fri 17-Jul-09 15:25:45

Nice shiny new thread jw - the old one stank of bananas [voms]

Glad K seems to just have a cold - massive relief. Glad I didn't see your posts last night or I'd have been fretting with you not replying last night.

DawnT - bloody sod her. It's sad she's so selfish but drop her and do nothing for her. she may even get the hint one day.

I've been for my pre-op at the maternity unit and all is on track for the CS on Wednesday - unless baby goes transverse again - in which case I'm going to be whipped in for an early delivery. I think I can wait so am sending head-down vibes to bump.
Had two mums from my antenatal class here for coffee - got on really well so am happy (after a big stress re Bonzo-no-mates).
It's chucking it down here today and cool. So much for my summer off [sighs].

OH ... AND ... I have my new car!!! (Well new to me). My lovely shiny black Corsa ... drives like a dream and has 5 doors! Woo Hoo! Poshest car I've had yet. Love it!

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 15:41:50

bonzo glad that all it on track for your CS next week smile

I have instant car envy envy We still have the ice cream van sans Greensleeves tune.

johnworf Fri 17-Jul-09 15:43:29

o O did I mention I saw Morten (harket) on tv this morning? Well I did and he's so lovely. I think I would definately shag him. I saw him on Mr & Mrs a couple of weeks back. He has partner and children so guess that puts me out of the I was ever in it hmm

dawntigga Fri 17-Jul-09 15:54:24

jw outs here guily pleasure that is Morten Harket

Wanders off whistling, no guily pleasures here, don't ask, just move along


jeanjeannie Fri 17-Jul-09 15:57:12

Hahahah jw I wrote Jeremy 'Vile' by mistake - I meant Vine!!! Oh, good so it's not just me who thinks he lush blush

bonzo Ooooooo, how exciting - pleased to hear everything is ok. And that's nice to have some people you actually like come round...I totally understand the 'johny no-mates' thing! I was thrilled when I exchanged numbers with a mum at pre-school!!

Ooooo AND a new car - blimey's happening over at yours smile

jw get a Berlingo....ours plays "just one Cornetto" wink Actually I really, really like ours. Mind you I DO have a hannkering for a new Fiat 500 - I'd like it in a 50's style powder blue or sherbert lemon!

iris awww - poor you. Sounds like the exhaustion/hormones etc has kicked in. Take care of yourself x

jw just spoken to my friend who is an ITU sister near hear and she says there is NO party line re: swine flu and the figures are varying widely. Apparently they only had 'the talk' about coming into contact with it - last night shock She's totally confused and reckons the media hype is doing no good at all because as she pointed out - they don't tell you day-by-day how many people die of 'ordinary' flu and it's a lot! Yet, fewer people are infected with it. Mmmmm, think basically no one knows and it's weak government. Nice angry

dawntigga Fri 17-Jul-09 15:57:31

Tigga's Top Tip

When (if) making scones forget what Ferns hubby said make your usual batch and add an egg to you water. Makes them all cakey like


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