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Pain under my ribs with breathing in

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dizzymare Thu 16-Jul-09 23:08:07

Hi, I've recently found out I'm expecting again, I'm 11weeks but today when I am breathing in, and I mean like a big breath in, I've got pain under my ribs which radiates upwards through the middle of my chest. Does anyone recognise this or have you got any idea what could be causing it.

Thank you

Cadelaide Thu 16-Jul-09 23:10:30

I had this for months with my first and it disappeared when he was born.

I'd still check with your midwifr though.

Cadelaide Thu 16-Jul-09 23:10:54

midwife, obviously smile

dizzymare Thu 16-Jul-09 23:11:54

Thanks, I'm due to see her tomorrow. It's so blooming uncomfortable!

dizzymare Thu 16-Jul-09 23:40:11

I've done a warm bath, but apart from that how can I get comfortable enough to sleep. Can anyone help?

dizzymare Sat 18-Jul-09 20:22:32

I'm still suffering, my midwife said it's more than likely due to ligaments etc softening but I'm not convinced. I really need some help with this, or someone with any other ideas on how to relieve it even a little. It's getting too much already and if I'm stuck with this until the end of this pregnancy I think I'm going to go slightly mad!

Boodlerpoop Mon 20-Jul-09 16:59:35

I had that too, kind of around month five, six....very sore when coughing etc....midwife said was just stretching and nothing I could do...pain went away after a few weeks...

Cazzr Tue 21-Jul-09 14:58:19

Hi, sorry to hear you are getting this... I had rib pain with my son and it kicked in at 10 weeks! At the time I read a lot about it and understood it is called rib flare and commonly kicks in towards the end of pregnancy, so how I was 'flaring' at 10 weeks I'll never know!

Sorry to say I was everntually signed off at about 23 weeks with it and it did progress to both sides front and back of my ribs under my bra..
I had SPD too from 18 weeks but this seemed much more bearable than the rib pain.
I believe it was related to ligaments relaxing like the spd..

I think it eased a bit for me in the last few weeks when he moved down into my pelvis more, tho I swear he never really left there, as I was on the loo every 5 mins for the whole pregnancy not just 1st and last trimester!

Anyway, GP scanned me for gallstones (negative) and then prescribed a low dose of codeine which did nothing but make me constipated, which ended up in him signing me off for the rest of the pregnancy.

All I can advise is to watch your posture, do gentle stretching and use warm compresses on the area to help with the discomfort. Obviously tell your midwife/gp and hope it eases sooner than later.
DON'T suffer in silence, let people know (at work assuming you work) know this is happening and make sure you rest enough as it will get tiring.
Hopefully yours won't get worse, my fingers are crossed for you.

hugs :/


Flumpity Tue 21-Jul-09 15:04:08

hi, i had awful rib pain with my dd from about 20 wks onwards. had to hold my rib in place (sort of!) by pressing on it when ever i breathed in. eventually cons suggested it was because dd's head was there. said not proven but in her exp, rib pain often is caused by a breech position baby.

interestingly, all my mw apps reckoned dd was cephalic (head down) till i had a diff mw at my 36 week check who queried it - sent me for a scan and sure enough dd was breech! went for an ecv where they turn the baby round at 37 wks and the rib pain almost instantly disappeared.

poor you though. pregnancy pains are not funny are they.

dizzymare Tue 21-Jul-09 15:20:38

I've been diagnosed with something called Costochondritis now, it's really not funny when you can't cough without thinking you're having a heart attackblush But at least now I know what it is iukwim, there's a thread in general health somewhere calling for fellow sufferers.

Cazzr Wed 22-Jul-09 09:34:45

Costochondritis was what my gp said too (and some googling from me made me think the same), think rib flare is the common name..? Sadly treatment is ibuprofen, which is a no no when pregnant or possible chiropractic/osteopathy (my chiro was unable to make a diff) and diagnosis is through x ray... again a no no.

I still get it a bit now if I'm slumped on the couch (tho probably because I need to lose some podge).

Didn't know about the breech thing, interesting, i was pretty sure at the time that my son was head down for the entire pregnancy... 20 week scan didn't comment on it, but then would they..? He was certainly the right way up/down come delivery but you make me wonder if he might have turned himself towards the end and hence things improved..

I'm hoping to god I don't get it next time, spd I can cope with but the rib pain was hell!

Also, my bra size (number) hasn't gone back to pre pregnancy size so hoping I'm more or less pre stretched ready for no 2.

claraquack Wed 22-Jul-09 09:38:20

Hmmmm I had this with both my dd's and dd1 was breech and dd2 head down (although perhaps she turned without me realising?). So can't say whether it is caused by breech position or not - but as you are only 11 weeks it wouldn't make any difference at this point anyway. Good luck, I hope the pain eases. I don't think I had it as badly as you but found holding the rib helped.

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