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Sore and tender bump - normal?

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AliBean Thu 16-Jul-09 10:38:35

I am 33 weeks PG and my bump is really sore across the top and hurts when I stand up for any length of time.
The only time it doesn't hurt is when I lie down.
I am not huge (have put on 1 stone 8lbs altogether) so am a little its making me miserable!
Is my first PG too so am not sure whats normal! Can't find any reference to it in any of my books either.

Can anyone reassure me and perhaps offer a solution? (I can't just lie down all the time unfortunatly!)grin

McSnail Thu 16-Jul-09 10:50:31

Hi there - my bump gets really sore sometimes too - it seems to hurt most at night and when I wake up in the morning. Not something I expected!

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Thu 16-Jul-09 11:55:30

Yes mine is like this. I think its just the stretched skin and muscle. I did mention it to the midwife and she though it was muscular. Perhaps she could reassure you when you next see her. Even though I've got much bigger since I first noticed it, its not as bad as it was, possibly cos I've been more careful about picking up my toddler. Could you be doing anything specifically that is aggravating it? Lifting?

AliBean Thu 16-Jul-09 14:29:28

Thank you both for your replies.

I don't think I am doing anything specific, I mean I haven't been precious about lifting normal weight stuff (hoover, medium weight shopping bags etc) but I don't do that all day every day and my bump is hurting every day.

I have now tied a pashmina round my middle to act as a sort of bump sling, it has helped a bit.

Going to yoga later so will ask teacher for advice.

Thanks again

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