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Is it a chemical pregnancy?

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LoobyLou82 Thu 16-Jul-09 10:09:39

Hi folks,

Just wanted to add a message. AF was due two days ago (tues and never came) I got the faintest BFP line about 4 days ago and been testing everyday since with clearblue and the lines got a bit darker everyday altho not as dark as the - line(not preg line) Its the cross ones (- sign for not preg and + sign if preg. I tested this morning and the line was fainter than yesterday using FMU. I had a MC between my two little boys exactly 2 years ago at 6 weeks. A similar thing happened i tested a few times BUT the lines never got any darker and stayed very faint. This time they did get a bit darker but with my two babies when i tested the lines got darker everyday considerably. I am just so terrified its all happening again and im waiting for an impending mc. I feel really down as i want to be excited like all the naive folk who tell the world and have healthy babies but i just feel confused and let down really. I could go on to have a baby thats fit and well and the preg could progress but i feel like i cant be happy or sad just yet.

Has this happened to anyone and they have had a healthy baby or do you think im in the middle of a chemical preg and awaiting the mc to start? Please be honest...

I am getting preg symptoms, freq urination, tiredness, mood swings, veiny breasts and cramping all as usual.

L xx

LoobyLou82 Thu 16-Jul-09 10:42:02

...can i also add i just did a digital test which came up with "not pregnant" altho i did one a few days ago that said preg 1-2wks.

I am now prepared for the loss and am awaiting bleeding/AF to arrive. I guess its best it happens now rather than days, weeks or months down the line.

PootleTheFlump Thu 16-Jul-09 10:47:46

Hi LoobyLou, sorry to hear what you're going through. Have you tried your local EPU as they could take blood HCG levels every other day which would be a lot clearer and indicate whether it was a cp/mc or a healthy ongoing pregnancy, would also rule out things like an ep. Good luck x

LoobyLou82 Thu 16-Jul-09 11:24:58

thanks pootle. My doc here is crap, they wont let you see anyone until 12 weeks. i had a mc before and doc said "oh well, these things happen all the time dont worry abot it" when i was sobbing my heart out. He jst dismissed me and that was it when i was bleeding really heavily and cramping badly at 6 weeks along. I lost the baby and he never even batted an eyelid

PootleTheFlump Thu 16-Jul-09 18:26:48

What an awful experience and one you shouldn't have to put up with. Most Early Pregnancy Units accept self referral, ring your local hospital with a maternity service and ask for the epu. Good luck x

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