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Think I might be getting SPD. Do they do anything if it is that?

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princessmel Wed 15-Jul-09 16:29:27

I am getting pains in my groin every time I stand up after sitting, and it's getting more uncomfortable walking.

I didn't have it with ds and dd.

It could just be general pregnancy aches but it seems to be in the groin, bikini line area.

nickytwotimes Wed 15-Jul-09 16:33:54

It sounds like ti could be.
Ask for referal to obstetric physiotherapist and do not take any 'only after 26 wks' crap. The sooner you go, the better. Exaggerate if necessary. It is hellish if it gets worse.

princessmel Wed 15-Jul-09 16:36:25

I am 26 weeks now. Not got an appt till 28 weeks but I am 'allowed' to book an earlier one if needed. Should I book one or wait?

And what does physio do if its only a few appts? Is it worth it?

Thanks btw.

rubyslippers Wed 15-Jul-09 16:41:06

i am in the process of getting referred via GP which (at my hospital anyway) is quicker

they give you a support belt and exercises

plus crutches/wheelchair if it gets really bad

i found the support belt really helpful last time

i wouldn't wait BTW

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson Wed 15-Jul-09 16:41:32

mine did bugger all

hope it doesn't get much worse at all and you get some help smile

mrswee Wed 15-Jul-09 16:45:31

All my physio did was look me over and spent about an hour showing me good sitting and sleeping positions and chatting to me about what I should and shouldn't do.
Having said that her advise has seemed to have helped A LOT as the pain has not got any worse and I often have good days/nights where I feel nothing at all. Before I went to see her it was getting worse by the day/night. I also have bad days where I now know I have over done it the day before, without her advise I wouldn't know what caused these bad days and would just carry on thinking it was getting worse and being misreble.

so yes it was worth it for the advise, I was surprised how many things I was doing that I shouldn't! ... eh like hoovering, walking to work, sloching on the sofa, carrying a shoulder bag... it goes on!

I was told I can call her and go back if it gets worse, also now I have been seen and am in the system I won't have a long wait to see her again.

nickytwotimes Wed 15-Jul-09 16:45:57

Book now.
Seriously, it sounds like it is in the very early stages and will be easily treated.
Mine did the belt, excercises, and a bit of manipulation. Worked wonders. Also made the birth much more straightforward apparently.

Ladyem Wed 15-Jul-09 16:52:04

Definitely book now as I was refered by my MW at 24 weeks, I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and STILL haven't had an appointment with a physio!!! I will have had the baby before I get seen!! It was the same last time with DD, I was told it was too late and there was no point in refering me!!

I've had my MW chase it up last week, but still nothing, so I think I'm going to have to push for it again!

Good luck! grin

princessmel Wed 15-Jul-09 16:54:17

Oh ok, I'll book quickly then!

She's in tomorrow, that would be good if I could get an appt.

I really hope it doesn't get as bad as to need crutches etc.

I haven't hoovered since I found out I was pregnant. I do walk to school. I haven't carried heavy bags much either.
I am slouching on sofa as I type...

You really think its spd? This pain wouldn't be anything else?

CarGirl Wed 15-Jul-09 16:54:27

NHS did nothing saw osteopath privately and it was wonderful.

The key is to not aggrevate it, you must rest as much as possible (absolutely not possible I know), ice pack is good (frozen peas vg) also take stairs one step at a time, limit your walking, never kick a football etc etc etc

princessmel Wed 15-Jul-09 16:59:07

Just rang surgery. No appts left for tomorrow. She said 'is it urgent?' and I said 'not really' (as I am not in danger etc) and said I could wait till next week I suppose.
She's getting the midwife to call me tomorrow.

JRocks Wed 15-Jul-09 17:03:51

I was able to self refer to our local hospital physio department, although tbh they just suggested things like avoiding housework and carrying children hmm

The lady I saw advised a trochanteric (sp?) belt, as opposed to the usual bump belts, as this one is designed to be worn around the hips to make them more stable.

Mine hasn't deteriorated too much in recent weeks, so you won't necessarily end up on crutches or in a wheel chair, but you must manage the pain now, and not push yourself, too hard. My cousin had terrible SPD and I am dreading getting to that.

Am interested in the Osteopath angle, what do they do for the SPD?

breakingnews Wed 15-Jul-09 20:41:47

I had this sort of pain about 22 weeks and saw a Physio - referred via Midwife.
Had a bit of manipulation and was given some exercises which worked wonders...

Although my pain started back last night, i'm now 34 weeks - waking me up it was so painful to turn over... been walking around like I'm about to have the baby today!! Seeing the physio next week as you stay under their care until after the birth where I'm from.

I would defo make an appointment sooner...

clutter Wed 15-Jul-09 21:52:32

Yes make an ap as soon as possible, as the midwife can also advise you on going to GP. I started getting it at 24 weeks this time and went to GP, am now on crutches, on 240mg of dihydracodine(sp?) and 8 paracetemal every day. Dread to think where i wold be if i hadn't. My physio was really helpful and, as above, I have the belt and lots of exercises which have not stopped the SPD getting worse but i am no longer getting secondary pain (up my back and down my legs) which was my posture and muscles compensating for my rubbish pelvis. Do go and good luck i hope it doesn't get worse (ps excuse spelling the drugs are making me sleepy again!) ;0)

Deemented Thu 16-Jul-09 06:51:09

I'm 13 weeks now and am having physio twice weekly and from next week hydrotherapy once a week too. I have SPD, but also have underlying back problems, sciatica and have had a discectomy. I had SPD, untreated with my last two pregnancies, and it was hell. This time i went to my doctors at the first sign of a twinge and my fabulous doctor got my a referral after just nine days!

princessmel Thu 16-Jul-09 10:37:45

I am worried now!

It was painful yesterday evening whilst I was tidying up, sweeping etc. And then in the night turning over was painful too. Not a horrific pain but a pain that I didn't have before.

I spoke to my school mum friend who is a physio and she said that belts have been proven not to help...and that 26 weeks ( I am that now)is the classic time for the pain to start. As thats when you get the relaxy hormone stuff (I know that's not the correct technical term)in that area. She said it will ease off...didn't say it would def get worse.

She adviced getting in and out of the car with legs together, pillows between legs at night and taking the stairs one at a time.

I am hoping the midwife does call me today as the receptionist said she would.

Bit scared at all the talk of crutches, drugs etc

ipiratethief Thu 16-Jul-09 10:53:04

i am surprised to read here that you can have painkillers in pregnancy, and thats fanatastics. I had spd 8 yrs ago, and it's still with me, but back then i was never offered any sort of pain relief and it was hell.

Mine started at about 27 weeks. Delegate jobs, don't struggle and make it worse. Don't hoover, keep you knees together, and sit well supported.

What i didn't do was any sortof excercise, but i was ignorant. Do core muscle excercises, gently, squeeze you pelvic floors, and walk as straight as poss.

princessmel Tue 21-Jul-09 14:01:22

Been to the gp's and have been referred for physio.

It is painful today. am walking like an old lady or someone who is full term!- which according to lots of people, I look.

echops Fri 02-Oct-09 11:53:45

Hello - mine started at 15 weeks (am now 18 weeks). Saw a private Osteopath who helped a little and am now awaiting an NHS physio appointment. I bought myself this book (which arrived today) . Will let you all now if it helps.

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