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3/5ths engaged

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YummyMummy17 Wed 15-Jul-09 15:29:25

Hi I'm 38weeks 3days pregnant today and 3days ago i had my midwife and baby was 4/5th's engaged, and today i seen my midwife again and he's now 3/5th's engaged....

So what exactly does this mean?
Does it mean he will be here soon?
Do they usually engage this quick?
How long until I'll have him?

Please give me some help/advice ?!


LeninGrad Wed 15-Jul-09 15:37:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladyem Wed 15-Jul-09 17:02:08

My dd was fully engaged at 37 weeks (and always really low before that, anyway) and only came 3 days early. We were always told in our antenatal classes that it means nothing, other that the baby is heading in the right direction!!! grin

Some of my friend's babies never engaged and they came around the right time, so I think that they just drop down whenever suits them!!! Lol!

Try not to worry, he will come when he's ready - although I know it feels like an eternity at this stage!!

Good luck! smile

YummyMummy17 Wed 15-Jul-09 17:15:01


I know I just want him to hurry and be here grin


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