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Something very painful under my right nipple - 39 wks pregnant. Help!

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Belgrano Wed 15-Jul-09 13:12:16

Last night I started feeling that my right breast was a bit sore and during the night it got worse and worse. I am now in pain even when i don't touch it and it feels like there's something/things painful under that nipple. Other boob is fine.

Anyone had anything similar or got any advice?

Can you get mastitis before you've even started BF?!

It's my second baby and I didn't have any prob like this before. The fact its only one side makes me think its some kind of infection or something but I don't have a fever.

I want to get this sorted before labour starts as otherwise starting BF is going to be even more painful than it usually is. Currently I can hardly bear to touch the boob let alone imagine someone sucking on it!
Please help.

belindarose Wed 15-Jul-09 13:32:10

I had mastitis at about 23 weeks!! Midwife was quite surprised, but it can obviously happen. It cleared up really quickly with antibiotics. I didn't really have a fever either. See your GP for a prescription. Hope you get it sorted out.

KathleenMay Wed 15-Jul-09 15:19:12

Could be a blocked milk duct? If there is a lump or local swelling, maybe some redness. Well they call it that but really its the tissues around the duct becoming inflamed and irritating the duct. A true blocked duct usually occurs when you're already breastfeeding. However if thats what it is, it can lead to mastitis, which is nastier... I'd ask your GP.

Hope that helps.

Belgrano Wed 15-Jul-09 16:35:12

Thanks both of you. I did actually go to my GP and she said it was cracked nipple hmm. Then when I expressed doubt since I haven't fed or expressed and dont' have dry skin she said 'oh well it's just your breasts getting ready to produce milk and you are just very sensitive. hmm again, since it's only one boob and there's a clear lump to be felt.
So not very encouraging. Just back from midwife as well who said she's never seen anythign like it antenatally. All very helpful!

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