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Noooo where did my custard cream go? [blush]

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I had a full packet when i sat down with a cup of tea and now their almost all gone! I just ate 400g of custard creams without even noticing shock Twas tasty though and i dont eat biscuits, i do now grin

As soon as i reached 11+4 i just cant stop eating! Im now 12+1 and DH has told me i have put on a bit of weight this week! shock blush

On a different note though i feel totally normal i dont even feel pregnant is this normal? Not sure i want to ring the midwife as i always feel im getting in the way! hmm This is first baby so nothing to compare it to.


Deemented Wed 15-Jul-09 08:21:54

I'm 13+2 and i can't stop eating either.

I bought a nine pack of mint feasts yesterday, and i've managed to eat five of them already!!! blush

And fwiw - i don;t feel pregnant at all - no nausea or m/s... nowt... only the fact that i've seen bubbs waving to me on a scan convinces me that i'm pregnant...

mint feasts... yummy im drooling at the thought! Hang on its not even 9 yet uh oh im on for a day of munching i think! smile

Wish i could see bubs waving last scan was 9+3 days and i wont be having another till im 20 weeks so till i see midwife in 4 weeks i wont even hear heartbeat. sad

Glad im not the only one muching away! smile

babyball Wed 15-Jul-09 10:17:49

Mint feasts are amazing for heartburn, so practically medicinal wink

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