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Faint line on PG test slowly getting darker - should I be optimistic?

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loisstella Wed 15-Jul-09 07:33:37

Hi guys,
I'm 6 days late with my period. I've been having some strong symptoms (nausea and ligament pain) but when I tested lady week I had an incredibly faint line.
I went to see the GP and we did a urine test the next morning. The result was a weak positive leading to a negative advice.
Doc was as surprised as I was and painted the following picture:
Either you are pregnant and it's just not showing up completly yet (you might have ovulated later than you think and it's very early on in re pregnancy) OR you were pregnant but it didn't 'stick' and you will have a 'mini' miscarriage OR it's ectopic.
We decided to test again in a few days (which will be tomorrow).
I have no patience and so have been testing over the past 2 days and the line is getting stronger which is totally getting my hopes up!
Is it fair to say this means I have not miscarried - and that I am pregnant (although I am aware could still be ectopic)?

I am tempted to push for a blood test and a sonogram tomorrow -I'd be 5 weeks pregnant according to period - but as this might be young baby maybe a little less.

Anyone had this?
Any advice?
Interested in both positive and negative stories - though am starting to feel excited about prospect of having a baby.

Oh and if you did have something similar and were pregnant did you have a normal pregnancy after the initial hiccups?

minipinkscottish Wed 15-Jul-09 07:41:06

If line is getting darker then hormone levels are are right to be optimistic! I had same thing with 2 of my pg's and they are now healthy children wink Do a clear blue test the one that says the words pregnant or not pregnant - they are very sensitive and accurate

Good luck !!

redboxer Wed 15-Jul-09 07:58:07

I doubt if they will do a sonogram until 6 weeks when the heartbeat will be visible, and they don't usually do early pregnancy tests unless there has been problems, i.e. bleeding.

I did 7 tests cos I just couldn't believe I was pregnant, now 36+4

OnlyWantsOne Wed 15-Jul-09 08:56:05

I had a scan at an EPAU when I was 5+2 and saw my DD for the first time _had the scan because I'd done a test the week before and found out i was PG then the doctor did one and it was negative, so sent me up to the hospital to see what wa going on, good luck x

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Wed 15-Jul-09 09:10:00

I would say that even a faint line is indicative of pregnancy. When I first tested with my DS I had a negative result- no line at all. I then tested a week later and had the faintest line but I was still about 6 weeks pregnant at the time. I now have a lovely 3 year old. With my DD I had a very strong line right from the beginning even though i was only just due my period. So I suppose it just depends really.
I'm not sure what the DR will say regarding the blood test and sonogram, I'm not aware of your history....maybe your DR will be sympathetic to you.
If I were you I would just keep testing every few days. Good luck!

loisstella Wed 15-Jul-09 09:23:02

The thing is we live in the middle east... No such thing as digit pregnancy tests (well - at least not in this country!). On the upside healthcare is private here. And the gp is based in the hospit (which makes for quick wee and blood tests). I am meant to travel to UK next week but if it's still not 100% clear I don't know if I should travel.
My previous pregnancy result was so clear cut...
But I guess they are all different.
I guess the seed of ectopic is planted in my head and so I feel a little uncertain about traveling (for 6 weeks) away from 'my' hospital if there's a chance I may be heamouraging.
Is that correct? Is there no visible heartbeat before 6 weeks?
I rememeber having a scan at 6 and 8 weeks with my daughter and the doc suggested at the 8 week scan she was 'younger' than we thought moving the due date by 4 days. So when we saw her (as a little tadpole) at 6 weeks she'd only been 5 and a bit....

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