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Fibroid problem can anyone help??

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dyzzidi Thu 19-May-05 14:04:41

Hi All I had my scan a couple of days ago and saw a Heartbeat! Unfortunately my fibroid seems to be a bit of a problem. It's quite large and may cause problems with bleeding and M/c.

I had a missed m/s last Sept and am so hoping for this PG to go ok. The surgeons can't remove the fibroid as it is too complicated they advised me to TTC with IVF. Am now PG naturally and am really worried about this fibroid.

Has anyone else had a baby when being diagnosed as having a fibroid. I also have Endometriosis and PCOS.

Rachey1969 Thu 19-May-05 17:10:44

Hi dyzzdi, when i went for a dating scan at 12-14 wks ish with my dd, they found a fibroid that was bigger than she was! I still have the scan photo and as you know, it really freaked me out! As you say, I was told that it could have ramifications for delivery or for the placenta if it was in the way and that they would just keep an eye on it, nobody was overly concerned. I think it all depends on the position . The good news is that when I went for a scan at 18 weeks (expecting to see something even huger) that it had shrunk and was barely visible. I really don't know if this is usual or not but it didn't cause me or her any problems and she is now 7! I hope yours is the same.

dyzzidi Thu 19-May-05 17:14:28

Thanks Rachey the are scanning me agian in June so fingers crossed. It worries you when you get scanned by two midwifes then a sonographer and they are all discussing how big it is!!

My surgeon will be doing my Antenatal and the midwife wants me to see him after the next scan as to be blunt he has seen things from the inside five times and will advise me further then.

They are all so nice at the hospital, just want the next scan now.

Rachey1969 Thu 19-May-05 17:18:01

I'm glad you're getting such good care, I'm sure as he knows you (inside and out!) so well that he can make sure all's well. Keep smiling and visualise the damn thing withering!

bettys Thu 19-May-05 18:52:08

Oh well my experience with a fibroid was different as it got bigger! It was 10cm by the end of my pregnancy, & I hadn't realised I'd got one till my 12 wk scan. Like Rachey1969 though, they weren't overly concerned, just kept an eye on it. It didn't cause my ds any problems, but I did have a caesarian. They couldn't remove the fibroid either, but luckily it wasn't over the cervix.

allyco Thu 19-May-05 19:46:37

hi dyzzidi,

I had a BIG fibroid too and was extremely unlucky because it mutated into a malignancy (OK, cancer -hate saying that word).

Anyway, I was very very poorly but DD was born prem but okay and I am now back at work!! Consultant said if it hadn't been cancerous I could have gone all the way to term. She also said lots of women have fibroids and don't even know about them. Apparently they are v difficult to remove because there are so many blood vessels in that area etc. and if it all goes wrong the only cure is a hysterectomy.
Good luck!!!

Maisiemog Sat 02-Jul-05 02:34:29

Dyzzidi, hi congratulations. I replied to your thread about bf and bottle feeding. I am going for a myomectomy in two weeks time to remove a 20cmish fibroid - and have an 7 month old baby boy, so looking forward to that!!!
I did have some problems during my pregnancy, but only minor problems, the major problem came at the end, when it just blocked everything, bladder, baby... But we are all here and healthy.
I was wondering about your fibroid, do you know what kind it is?
Whatever it is, take it easy and put your feet up.

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