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Dental work during second trimester

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Sari Thu 19-May-05 13:51:17

I've got really bad toothache in an upper wisdom tooth - the kind of pain that wakes me up at night. I'm also 19 weeks pregnant. When I went to the dentist this morning he said the tooth needed to be pulled out but that having local anaesthetic was not advisable during pregnancy, especially during the middle months (at which point I broke down in tears). He said he would go ahead and do it anyway but I've come away to find out more about the risks. I've spoken to my GP and she didn't think it was too risky but it would be good to hear from others who have been in this position.

I have to do something because there is no way I can survive another five months with this and the dentist assured me it's not going to get better. I'm sure loads of people must have had major dental work done during the second trimester. Can anyone reassure me that there aren't any risks to the baby, or at least that they are only negligible? Also does having an upper wisdom tooth out hurt a lot? I had the bottom ones down about 15 years ago and the pain was worse than childbirth because they were impacted.

I've got an appointment to go back and have it done at 4.30pm so any reassurance before then would be fantastic. If I do go I'll have ds1 with me so will have to smile through the pain anyway!

Thank you.

pindy Thu 19-May-05 13:57:00

Not sure about the pregnancy issue, but I had both my top wisdom teeth out with a local anaesthetic(sp!) and it was fine. Good luck I'm sure everything will be OK.

Have a look on NHS Direct or ring your local dental hospital to ask for some advice.

Sari Thu 19-May-05 14:38:45

Thanks Pindy - it's good to hear it wasn't too painful. Having my lower ones out was dreadful so I'm really hoping this will be nothing like the same.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 19-May-05 15:00:19

Oh goodness, of course a local anaesthetic is fine in pregnancy! My dentist is really really cautious about doing anything while you're pregnant, but a local is fine! I mean, you shouldn't have it for fun, but it won't do any harm as a one-off.

(It will certainly do less harm than you staying in pain and misery!)

starlover Thu 19-May-05 15:15:32

sari i had local anaesthetics for dental work in 2nd trimester.. no prob!

My dentist said there is one kind of pain relief that isn't advised, but she never uses that anyway! She said I should wait until I was at least 12 weeks as it isn't advised in FIRST trimester...

you should be fine having one! I wouldn't want one done with no pain relief!!! ouch

Sari Thu 19-May-05 15:34:44

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm about to go and have it done so hearing this makes me feel a lot better.

Pages Thu 19-May-05 18:11:57

Sari, I had a local anaesthetic last week to have a filling replaced, and I am 26 weeks. My dentist instilled me with confidence - when I asked him if he had put a mercury filling in he said he wouldn't do that to a pregnant woman - he has put a temporary filling in - so I'm sure he wouldn't have given me a local anathestic if it was dangerous. Go get rid of the pain!

pindy Thu 19-May-05 20:31:13

Sari - hope everything went well - I to had my lower wisdom teeth out and that was very b....... painful!!!!!

Sure you will feel batter in a day or to. Sleep well :-)

Sari Fri 20-May-05 14:03:55

Well he pulled it out and I feel like a new woman. I even slept all night without waking once and I haven't done that for ages. We brought the tooth home because ds1 wanted me to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy but it is so totally rotten that even he finds it disgusting.

Anyway, thanks for all the reassurance and, to anyone else worrying about going to the dentist, just go. It's definitely worth it.

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