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GTT result - how soon should I expect to hear?

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becksydee Tue 14-Jul-09 14:55:55

I'm 33 weeks and had a GTT yesterday morning, but forgot to ask when I should expect the result.

More than 24 hours later, can I assume that no news is good news?

I had it done at the Whittington, if anyone has any experience of how quickly they process their GTT results.

SheWillBeLoved Tue 14-Jul-09 15:01:06

I was told it can take up to 14 days to hear anything, but you're right that no news is good news, and if anything was wrong you'd hear something pretty soon. I don't know whether that'd necessarily be 24 hours after the test though. I got my results a week later when I had to go back to the hospital for Anti-D.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 14-Jul-09 16:23:51

I had my GTT this morning and got my results back about half an hour ago. Worth phoning I reckon as they normally do try to do them quickly. Hope it all goes ok.

becksydee Tue 14-Jul-09 17:23:01

SheWillBeLoved - hope they don't leave me waiting 2 weeks, will be nearly 36 weeks by then! Don't have an appointment with the midwife until 30th either ...

Hangingbelly - Thanks That's quick with your results, was it good news? I haven't heard anything this afternoon so will chase it up tomorrow.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Tue 14-Jul-09 18:24:22

yes good news thank you - last time at 28 weeks was high normal and since then I have really made an effort to cut out the sugary stuff and today it was low! such a relief. I hope you get your results back

olivo Tue 14-Jul-09 20:06:24

had mone on the monday morning, mw phoned on the wednesdayat lunchtime. i wouldnt have heard anything if it had been negative.

becksydee Wed 15-Jul-09 20:25:03

well, i was on the phone to my mum tonight, just telling her that i hadn't heard back from the hospital yet, and DP piped up with 'oh yeah, they called, said the result was a bit high and they want you to do some monitoring and ring them tomorrow' hmm i'd been home for at least an hour and a half by this point!

so, looks like i have GD but maybe not too seriously. guess i'll find out when i call the hospital tomorrow and speak to someone. hmph

glad your news was good hangingbelly

thoughtforms Sun 19-Jul-09 09:17:03

Hello Becksydee,

I heard the following day - sounds like you have now, and you're in the joyous world of finger pricking!

My best advice - if at all possible, follow the principles of the GI diet, as that's a very good diet for diabetics - and you don't have to change things too much. Keep your sugars low, and make sure your carbs are wholemeal and vegetable-based. (There's loads of books out there with recipes in them too, which have helped a lot)

It is a major life-changing thing to happen, and I really resented it at first, and wished for bars of chocolate, and ice cream (especially when those around me were stuffing their faces), but ultimately, it's not good for baby, and I had to stop feeling like that, as it's selfish - and (hopefully) this isn't going to be for too long! (Well, hopefully 5 more weeks...).

I thought I was on top of my blood monitoring a couple of weeks ago, but my doctors at the clinic weren't happy, and I was upped to the maximum Metformin dose per day (5), which brought my levels right down. Funnily enough, when I'm not at work (4 days left! Hurrah!) my levels are much lower, too (Stress, maybe?) - though I'm not on insulin yet.

I was told last week they're happy with my levels now (so no insulin for me!), but chances are because of the diabetes, that I'll be induced - because baby is now in the 97th percentile, growth-wise (had our last scan last Monday) - and I wont be allowed to go past my due date.

One thing I was told to find out more about is colostrum harvesting - I keep mentioning it on the GD threads, but depending on how your sugars are, when they drop immediately after birth, it's not good for baby (as they're used to the higher sugars), and they may end up going on formula - which I want to avoid - so from Week 36 you just express colostrum and freeze it at home, taking it with you for the birth - your hospital may do trials, and it's worth enquiring.

Good luck, anyway!

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