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so if baby weighs 5lb 7 at 33+3 whats he gonna weigh at term?

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AwayWithTheFaries Tue 14-Jul-09 11:31:58

just had a scan to check the placenta has moved wich is has yay and he weighs 5lb 7 any one want to guess what hes going to weigh at term in due 29th august

readyfornumber2and3 Tue 14-Jul-09 12:37:58

They say that they put on an average of 1/2lb a week at this stage so at 40 weeks about 9lbs but dont forget scans are only estimates and can be out either way very easily by a lb or more.

AwayWithTheFaries Tue 14-Jul-09 15:00:12

ouch i hope hes not that big!!!
ds1 was 7lb 7 and that was big enough!!!

loganberry12 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:00:36

awaywiththefairies saw your post and just to say im due the same day as you 29th august im having a girl. its nice to see someone else with the same due date lol, although the baby is measuring 2 1/2 weeks bigger so fingers crossed i wont have to wait that long!!

Haribosmummy Tue 14-Jul-09 20:02:35

My baby was 5lbs 9oz at my 35 week scan and I think 1/2 per week is about right so I'm expecting 7.5 - 8lbs when she's born..

dizzydixies Tue 14-Jul-09 20:03:43

how on earth could they tell what he weighs? I was told each and every time I had a scan (and there were many scans for each DD) that they could not tell size/weight of baby with any degree of certainty

WinkyWinkola Tue 14-Jul-09 20:08:00

I've got a friend who is due in three weeks and 'they' keep telling her that if she goes to term, her baby will be 10lbs+.

Needless to say, she's bricking it not least because she's a small, Japanese woman.

But I have heard that it's a pretty inaccurate business, 'weighing' the baby in the womb. I keep trying to reassure my friend with this, saying that I was told my babies would be small for dates (DS = 9lbs 9ozs and DD 8lbs 8ozs - both very long and skinny) but she is massive and cannot be reassured.

It's tricky but I also understand that rarely does a woman grow a baby that is too big to birth.

MollieO Tue 14-Jul-09 20:15:42

Ds was born at 33 weeks 5lbs 3oz. The scan we had a couple of days earlier estimated that he would be 10lbs by his due date.

BlackLetterDay Tue 14-Jul-09 20:59:29

My Ds was measured at 7lb odd at 34+ weeks, 8lb odd at 36+ week scan and was born at 38+5 weighing 9lb 10 oz, so pretty accurate really using the 1/2lb a pound a week rule. So your's should be about 8/9lb, or not who knows grin

Haribosmummy Tue 14-Jul-09 21:28:16

dizzie - I had my 35 week scan at the London Ultrasound centre.

I had one with DS too (also 35 weeks and they were an Oz ounce on his predicted birth weight).

I don't know how they do it (but there again, I've never figured out the whole bump measurements either, as both of my PGs have been tiny and LOADS of people say I can't possibly be due in 2 weeks!!!)

mummytopebs Tue 14-Jul-09 21:36:33

I wouldnt worry to much with my dd i was told at 34 weeks my baby weighted 7.5 lbs, she was born prem 1 week later weighing 4lb 8oz - I dont think they can tell x

dizzydixies Tue 14-Jul-09 21:41:23

envy wish we had something like that up here - then again maybe not DD1 was 10lbs4, DD2 was 11lb 1oz and DD3 was 9lb14oz - I may have changed my mind grin

WinkyWinkola Tue 14-Jul-09 23:32:03

Holy cow, dizzydixies. What magnificent babies you have!

dizzydixies Wed 15-Jul-09 10:17:18

why thank you grin we certainly think so lol

ExpositionDesMains Wed 15-Jul-09 10:22:23

My Mum was told I was going to be a 'whopper', 'enormous', 'she wouldn't manage'.

I weighed 5lbs... They're better at guessing now but not brilliant.

My friend who is 6ft 2" barefoot and married to an enormous maori (tall, broad) was told her dd was big. They predicted about 10lbs. She was over 12lbs and the longest baby ever delivered at that hospital. Poor friend!

Dalrymps Wed 15-Jul-09 10:41:39

I'd guess between 7.5 -8lb smile

JemL Wed 15-Jul-09 13:31:21

DS was 5.5lb at 34+5, and midwife predicted weight of 7.5 - 8lb - he was actually 9lb10, but was two weeks late...

However my friend had a scan at 34 weeks to check the placenta, I can't remember what the weight was at that time, but they estimated a birth weight of 6.5lbs, and she was 10lb3!!!

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