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brown discharge in early pregnantcy.

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lotti89 Mon 13-Jul-09 15:55:46

hiya all, last year at 4/5 weeks i had brown discharge which turned to blood and then i m/c and never had any pregnancy symtons, im now pregnant again about 5/6 weeks with sore boobs and morin sickness and last week started to get the brown discharge again which lasted 5days then it stoped for 2days then stated again for 2days went pink at the night then stopped which now its been 2days still nothin i still have mornin and sore boobs, im worried and was wondin if anyone could tell me anythin about it. im only 19 so dnt no much, xx

sunburntats Mon 13-Jul-09 16:02:24

Could you go to early foetal assessment ward at your local hospital?

You could do with having bloods atken and a date for an early scan to check on things.

Chappy6825 Tue 14-Jul-09 06:09:37

Hi, Im 7 weeks pregnant and ive got some brown discharge, my midwife said not to worry but this is the second time in two weeks and she is refusing to send me to hospital for a scan to put my mind at ease. Is there any way that i can get a scan done? I was thinking about going to my Gp, but im worried that he'll tell me i cant have one. I tried resting as much as possible but ive got a 2year old who is very active so its almost impossible to rest during the day, Has anyone got any idea's im getting very anxoius now

MoChan Tue 14-Jul-09 06:27:54

I had something similar in my pregnancy, which was followed by large bleeds and extended periods when the brown stuff lasted weeks. It's difficult to know what's happening, I think, because a lot of people get bleeding that's never satisfactorily explained, and which the doctor/midwife isn't able to give you a reason for. Especially difficult when you're in the pre-12 weeks stages, I think.

In my case, it went fine in the end, not without a few traumatic incidents of bleeding. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's much you can do at this stage other than waiting to see what happens, though it might be worth asking the midwife for a referral to early pregnancy unit or similar.

quinne Tue 14-Jul-09 06:53:49

I was told it was old blood (and the baby arrived safe and well at nine months)

RetroMum1 Tue 14-Jul-09 08:33:04

Chappy6825 in most hospitals that have an epdu you can self refer yourself. But if you are unsure you could always go to A&E and get through that way, then they would do bloods and a scan.

idunnop Tue 14-Jul-09 08:47:05

I had this around 8-9 weeks and I had to go in to see the GP, who referred me straight to the early pregnancy unit at the hospital. They scanned me, baby was fine. They said it's worth getting any bleeding checked out (even though mine was never red, just brown). Good luck.

AngelaCarleen Tue 14-Jul-09 08:57:23

Chappy ring the early pregnancy clinic or take youself off to a&e. Then request a new midwife. I don't understand how midwifes can be so unsympathetic - they must see women being worried about things like this all the time! Grrr!!

BTW I bled at 5 & 6 weeks but had a scan and found heartbeat at 7 smile. Was told when I was bleeding that resting makes no difference and carried on working on a busy ward (48hour weeks!).

Angela x

Chappy6825 Wed 15-Jul-09 15:29:56

Hi cheers for the replies, i saw the midwife again today and she rang the sonograoher at Larnaca hospital who said if it carries on this week then he will do a scan next week as he wont be able to see anythin until i am 8 weeks which i know is a load of b**it cuz my sister had 1 done at 6 weeks

it seems to have stopped at the moment but find myself nippin to the loo just to check (tmi) If it starts again before next week im goin to go to a&e to be checked out.

Amy x

idunnop Wed 15-Jul-09 18:29:22

Well I guess it's good news that it seems to have stopped. Let us know what happens... it's really scary but hopefully will turn out OK.

lotti89 Wed 15-Jul-09 22:37:50

thanx guys, its still not back got my fingers cross, iv got docs nxt wed, xx

Chappy6825 Mon 20-Jul-09 19:03:58

Hiya all, finally got a viability scan booked for tomorrow - abit nervous, fingers crossed everythings ok, still feel pregnant but cant help but worry. will update u all tomorrow thanks for ur support

Amy xxxx

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