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Perineal Massage... how am I supposed to get down there?!

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Picante Mon 13-Jul-09 13:09:33

Is it worth the acrobatics?

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 13:11:48

try squatting down

Picante Mon 13-Jul-09 13:19:52

Hands in front or behind? Either way it seems quite impossible!

mrswee Mon 13-Jul-09 14:20:12

I have been thinking the same thing.. glad it's no just me and my impossibly big thighs/bottom/bump that seem to be right in the way!

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 14:21:00

try lying on your left side with right leg bent at the knee and up in the air..

HeadFairy Mon 13-Jul-09 14:21:45

Presumably you can reach to wipe yourself after going to the loo... try the same position.

Can't talk about how effective it is, did it for weeks and ended up with a cs.

Zorra Mon 13-Jul-09 14:22:17

I think it's totally worth it - I've only been doing it for two weeks, but it has really made me feel stretchier, and consequently much less worried about not tearing I use Mother Balm from Neal's Yard (recommended by a mumsnetter) and it's ace.

FYI, I tend to start with one leg up on the bed or toilet (like putting in a tampon), then on my knees hanging over the bed. It's a bit fiddly, but worth it I reckon.

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 14:24:24

i don't think pernineal massage has an effect on whether you have a c.s or not

it's main benefit is getting you used to the rign of fire pain as the baby crowns and hopefully making the perineum more stretchy to reduce the risk of tearing

you can use olive or almond oil to make it easier

HeadFairy Mon 13-Jul-09 14:25:40

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear lulu... I had a cs because ds was a footling breech and wouldn't turn, nothing to do with perineal massage... I just meant that I never got to test out my super flexible perineum!

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 14:38:51

oooh, i seeeeeeeee

grin your perineum will have been very thankful for all teh extra attention no doubt!

Horsiemummy Mon 13-Jul-09 15:11:29

Get your Hubby to do it!!!

tmi i know but my husband tells all new dads about the "stretching exercises" and it did wonders for our flagging sex life when i was huge! lol.

he absolutely loved doing it and is very much looking forward to that with this next baby.

and i had no stitches and no pain relief for the birth (8lb 2 baby) so im pretty sure it helped.

HeadFairy Mon 13-Jul-09 15:51:53

Well I certainly had a laugh trying to reach it Lulu! To be honest I've always been rather flexible, I was painting my toenails myself at 38 weeks (then removing it at 39 weeks as they wouldn't let me have it in theatre angry), but it is ever so comical.

Does anyone know if it lasts or do you have to do it with subsequent pregnancies? I'm pg with number 2 and if I go for VBAC it's effectively the first time I've given birth so will I have to slither all over the bathroom floor all over again trying to reach my nether regions?

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 16:11:17

you can do it again.. some women do have longer and/or stretchier perineums than others. it can't do any harm to do it

i did not do it and had no tears during my VBAC, i had a labial graze but intact perineum.

HeadFairy Mon 13-Jul-09 17:21:09

That's good to know, I am very flexible generally, and have no stretch marks. I'm hoping that means I'm a stretcher and not a tearer Mind you, I do have the oddest shaped uterus (not quite bicornate, but retroverted and an odd shape) so perhaps this one won't turn either. Every time I have a scan the room fills with everyone coming to have a look at my odd uterus. Just want to yell... "look it does the job, ok?"

Picante Mon 13-Jul-09 17:51:52

Right I shall have a go tonight!

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