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Help - have you ever been a little bit pregnant?

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loisstella Mon 13-Jul-09 11:25:44

Hi guys,
I am today four days overdue my period.
I have had some ligament cramps and been nauseous for about a week.
I've been getting very excited but did the predictor stick test a few times now and every time I get a very vague line; I mean if you want to be pregnant you see it but if you don't, you won't; it's open for interpretation.
Went to see the GP and this morning we did a urine test in the lab.
The result was: slightly positive and the advice: negative.
The GP was as surprised as I was...
He's now suggested we wait another 5 days and then try again.
Has anybody had this experience?
Was I pregnant and not anymore, just a matter
Of waiting for period?
Could I still be pregnant?
All experiences shared greatly appreciated!

piprabbit Mon 13-Jul-09 11:40:20

I had a 'slight' BFP - repeated tests got slightly stronger, but never really clear. In the end my GP refered me to the local Early Pregnancy Unit. I was monitored over 10 days or so, lots of blood tests with HGC levels slowly increasing. In the end it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy sad. I'm sure that you are 100% fine, but do take care of yourself, stay in touch with your GP and take any bleeding and/or pain seriously. Sorry for not having a more positive story. Good Luck

maybebaby23 Mon 13-Jul-09 11:40:43

I had very very hardly there faint positive lines for 5 days this time and they all appeared about 40 minutes after i tested! After a week they got darker and appeared within the time frame. so i would say test again in a few days. Good luck!!

loisstella Mon 13-Jul-09 11:46:48

Thanks girls. Was wondering if it could be ectopic. Piprabit - did you do these tests as early as 4/5 weeks pregnant? The GP did say to keep an eye out for pains and bleeding...but so far I feel okay. Is it worth pushing for blood tests (he was open to it but I figured it would just bring up the same result and thought better to leave it til Saturday). I'm 'prepared' that it could be an unhappy ending... I very much appreciate the honesty!
Though obviously I am hoping to also be a maybebaby :0)

piprabbit Mon 13-Jul-09 12:07:18

I think I started having the blood tests about 5 weeks (we'd been trying for ages, so I got my BFP at 4 weeks and wasn't initally concerned that it was light - assumed it was down to the early test). The thing with the blood tests is that they are looking to build up a picture of what's happening with your HGC levels. So they take a series over several days to get a pattern for the rate of increase/decline. I really didn't want to get involved in all the tests (I remember feeling unreasonably cross with the EPU most of the time, I think I was in denial), but with hindsight starting the tests sooner rather than later, meant that the necessary decisions could be made before I got into any medical difficulties. BTW, at no time during the whole ectopic did I experience any pain or anything more than very slight spotting - so without the EPU taking such good care of me, I could have ended up in real trouble later on if the pregnancy had continued. I think you are taking the right appraoch - remaining hopeful and positive while taking care of yourself.

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