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rainbow of emotions with DC2 pg????

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MummyElk Sat 11-Jul-09 15:37:51

Hi all
found out yesterday I'm expecting, REALLY pleased and can't believe it happened asquicklyaslasttime blush

The odd thing though is how I feel - it's different to last time:
Happy - of course, and feel very lucky, so far...
Worried (obviously) - in case i mc
Sad/guilty - for my DD1, i know she'll be a great sister but I feel sad that our special time of just the two (three incl DH) of us has an end in sight??? Make sense?
Organisational - shit I need to chuck DH out of the office
Annoyed - God I LOVE sleeping on my front and I've only just got back into it [turns over on back] bugger won't be able to do that much longer either
Vain - I'm thin again!!!! [WAIL] and everyone's been saying how great I look recently
alcoholic last time I went immediately off wine. No such luck this time [puts DH on immediate cutback]

Anyone got any of these feelings or understand? I'm not really worried about it, just spent a lot of last night thinking it's funny really...
but i do hasten to add - i am sooo pleased, and thank my lucky stars

LilRedWG Sat 11-Jul-09 15:40:15


LilRedWG Sat 11-Jul-09 15:40:32

sorry - only have one DD so no advice.

dal21 Sat 11-Jul-09 17:39:10

Firstly congrats!

You are prefectly ok to feel like this - I am just over 12 weeks with my little bean. And the following helps.

Worried - is perfectly natural. I mistakenly thought that once I had done one pregnancy, the second would be easier. How wrong I was. Scan Monday - am nervous wreck already!
Sad/ Guilty - Since I have found out that I am pregnant, I have found myself being more patient, spending lots more time doing things with DS than I did before. Simply because I know this special one on one time isnt going to last forever. But I hope that another sibling will make him a lot happier in the longer term.
Re all the other stuff - I just think, if I hadnt been able to get pregnant, I would have been devastated and focus on the fact that (touchwood) I am very lucky
Vanity - finding this much easier second time round. I lost the weight first time round. I will the second also.

I totally understand the rainbow of emotions, but they will settle!

dal21 Sat 11-Jul-09 17:40:15

Oops, typo

And Hope the following helps.

designerbaby Sat 11-Jul-09 20:20:07

HI there - I was ust going to post this exact same thing... have just found out I am pg with number 2, which is a bit of an accident surprise!

I am thrilled, but share many of your worries, especially with regards to DD1 - as I feel we're just having such a lovely time at the moment and I don't want to spoil that for her. I never wanted her to be an only child (as I was) so I know it is better int he long run, but I just feel really sad for her at the moment, knowing there will inevitably be less time for her, and she won't be Mummy's only baby any more.

I'm also finding myself worried about how I'll cope with 2, how we'll afford childcare for both, whether my career will ever recover... all that practical stuff.

MOst of all I'm terrified of succumbing to PND again - it was such a dark time, I'm really only just out of it these last few months, and I don't want to go there again.

On the plus side, I never managed to lose the baby weight, so at least i can put that off for a few months now... grin.

But thanks for starting this thread - I'll be watching with interest.

Dal21 - were we on the same antenatal thread last time? Your name is awfully familiar...


dal21 Sat 11-Jul-09 20:22:09

Hey db! Congrats!! When is your little bean due?

I am pretty sure we were on the sept 07 antenatal thread I right?

designerbaby Sat 11-Jul-09 20:46:35

Thanks Dal - only due at beginning of march so only 5 weeks... I knew what to look for this time!

Yes, I think we might have on the same antenatal thread for a while, although my dates were all wrong, and then my DD went horribly overdue so didn't have her until early November in the end!

I think you may have also been very lovely and helpful when i was going through some breastfeeding/weaning dilemmas too... if so, thanks so much.

Congrats to you too!


MummyElk Sat 11-Jul-09 22:43:07

hello all - sorry didn't check messages for a bit!
thanks for all the congratulations - yes it's very exciting isn't it?!! lilred thanks for posting anyway!! x

so weird that you still worry, i found myself checking advisory caffeine levels today, i am NOT a worrier but it's SOOO early. Like you Designerbaby - i'm due early march and it's veerrrry early to count any chickens isn't it?
and Dal21 - good luck with the scan - let us know how it goes!! will be thinking of you Monday.
I think, all in all, i'm very blessed to be in this situation, and if DC2 is anything like my beautiful DD then I shouldn't have anything to worry about - and hey - i coped without sleep then, i can do it all again right.....????? grin
I'd forgotten the guilt - had a sip of DH's wine and it wasn't the taste that put me was that dreaded angst creeping up my sides!!! I'd forgotten about that one wink
Right. Feel better now. Thanks for your time - add more if you like i'm sure we're all in similar situations! How funny that you both know each other from first time round!

dal21 Sun 12-Jul-09 09:40:32

DB - so are any symptoms kicking in yet?

Re. your DD, wow, the dates must have been way out! DS was 3 weeks early, so our LO's are 2 months apart...

Anytime on the advice front. Glad to know I was of some help. grin xx

Mummyelk - thanks for good luck, am literally counting downing the hours until the scan. I too am amazed at how much I am worrying this time round. Surely it should get easier??
Absolutely on the sleep front - just keep telling yourself that the sleepless nights dont last forever (even if they feel like forever)....Repeat like a mantra.

Glad you feel better!

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