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Hospital or home birth with current out break of swine flu???

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loganberry12 Sat 11-Jul-09 13:24:17

im begining to wonder with all the swine flu problem if it would be safer to stay at home to have my baby instead of going to hospital as id planned. I dont want to risk my baby or myseld contracting swine flu whilst at the hospital what is your opion??

BunnyLebowski Sat 11-Jul-09 13:27:51

Home Birth.

One of the (many) reasons I had my baby at home was the reports I read on hygiene and infection at my local hospital.

It was a 100% positive experience and I'll be doing it again if I have another!

Congrats on pregnancy!

loganberry12 Sat 11-Jul-09 13:31:20

the only problem i have with a home birth is firstly my house is small and the neighbours can hear evrything and secondly my bedroom is small and there isnt much move to monouver. Also this is my 5th baby im 43 and have had a problem pregnancy looks like she will be born early and im worried that ill have to be transfered to hospital at the last minute any way, so really dont know what to do!!

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