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Booking appointment - 15 weeks - is this normal?

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MoragG Fri 10-Jul-09 12:04:22

This is my first post here. I recently got my letter with the date of my booking appointment, but it's not until I am nearly 15 weeks pregnant. This seems quite late - I thought it was normally around 12 weeks, though I know it varies? I have not had any other checks done at all - it feels like there is something I'm supposed to be doing that I don't know about! The booking appointment is at the hospital - am I supposed to be seeing the midwife at my GP surgery separately? Any advice would be welcome. I am in Glasgow, so it would be good to know from anyone else in this area if a booking appointment at 15 weeks is normal.

Ciara11 Fri 10-Jul-09 12:12:59

Im from Kent but my booking in appointment isnt until 15 weeks either (im now 14+3 weeks) and it is also at the hospital rather than the doctors, cause the midwifes spend most time at hospital and only 1 day a week at the GP's.

However i have already had my dating scan (done at 13 weeks) so maybe you should ring up and get that booked in, cause if you want a nuchal scan (check for downs) it has to be done before 14 weeks.

Hope this helps, i think it would be best to phone your midwife and check.


mrswee Fri 10-Jul-09 12:20:00


it's really normal for scotland. I'm in Edinburgh and I had my book app at 17.5 weeks but I did have a scan before that at 14.5 weeks. Probably why they are not in such a hurry to give you early checks?

In Glasgow you still don't get two scans on the NHS so they tend to do your scan more inbetween the 12 and 20 week mark.
Edinburgh only just started doing two scans in Feb this year, I read that two scan as standard has been reconmended for a long time but the differnt health boards are taking a while to implement it due to staff training ect.

congratulations and good luck with everything.

crokky Fri 10-Jul-09 12:21:56

If you area gives nuchal scans as standard, I think you have to have them done before 14 weeks otherwise they can't do all the measurements (?).

mrswee Fri 10-Jul-09 12:24:20

PS as far as I know they don't do nuchal scans in Scotland they do a scan around that time but usually not early enough to check the nuchal fold. It wasn't part of my scan, it was really only to do a quick check for dates ect. It isn't mentioned in any of the NHS scotland handouts I've had.

MoragG Fri 10-Jul-09 12:24:58

Thanks both - that's reassuring.

mrswee - hope you don't mind me asking - do you also see a midwife at your GP for regular checks? Not sure if I am supposed to set this up separately? The GP surgery has not been mcuh use in telling me what to do!

mrswee Fri 10-Jul-09 12:27:12

sorry my first post is so garbbled...

it was meant to say 'Probably why they are not in such a hurry to give you early checks?' after 'In Glasgow you still don't get two scans on the NHS so they tend to do your scan more inbetween the 12 and 20 week mark.' not before... to busy eating my lunch!!

mrswee Fri 10-Jul-09 12:36:04

Hi Morag

my care is shared between my gp and midwife.

I had my first midwife app, which was my booking app, at our community day hospital (which is the equivellent of going to the hospital just closer to where I live)
I now see my midwife mainly at my GP office but it is the same midwife I saw at the day hospital. She arranged the futher appoinments at the gp surgery when I saw her during my booking app at the day hospital.
She is part of a team that works a couple of days a week at my surgery and the rest of the time is based between the day hospital and the maternity unit.

I'm sure it will be the same for you and you see them first at the hospital then some of your further appointments will be at the gp and some at the hospital.

You may be getting your scan at the same time as the booking app? they some times do this but didn't with me. They would tell you in a the letter though, otherwise it will be arranged at the booking app.

MoragG Fri 10-Jul-09 12:46:15

Thanks so much - that makes sense, and reassures me that there aren't other appointments I'm supposed to be making :-)

mrswee Fri 10-Jul-09 13:07:58

It did worry me quite a bit that my first midwife appointment was not until 17.5 weeks but by the time it came around I'd found out everything I needed to know all by myself from books/internet!! I'm very used the 'we are so busy right now, there's a baby boom on you know' care now.. I'm nearly 29 weeks and have only seen a midwife twice and had one of my anti-natal apps with the GP.

I don't know if you have the choice ( I did) but I have been glad I choose my care as the shared between the midwife and the GP opption.... because it means that if I am worried about anything or have a health issue I can just go and see my GP and don't have to wait for a midwife to get back to me on the phone ( which can take days in my area)

lal123 Fri 10-Jul-09 13:19:36

just to add that I had my booking in appointment at the hospital - but follow up appointments with the community midwife in my GP surgery. Just worked out easier to get an appointment that way. I didn't get a nucal screening either - though I think that they are introducing them here soon (Tayside)

namechangerforareason Fri 10-Jul-09 13:37:08


I am in Glasgow, was under SGH for mat care.

My initial booking in appt at hospital was for 17 weeks but I telephoned and got a cancellation so was seen at 13 weeks. Unfortunately its very normal here to have later booking in appts! hmm They will give you your hand held notes which you take to all subsequent appts.

In Glasgow you only get 1 scan unless you are classed as high risk so we paid privately at 27 weeks to have another done. There are a few places in Glasgow you can do this, one on Ingram st and one in Park circus, as well as the nufield etc.

My MW at GP didnt see me until I was 21 weeks, the hosp told me when to make appt with her.

If you need any advice or reassurance just phone your surgery and ask for MW appt, they will be understanding. All of my MW appts were at GP surgery(MW only there at mine for 1 hour/week and only 4 appt spaces available so had to book well in advance). Your MW will let you know when to make your next appt etc. I didnt have any further appts at hospital other than physio appts.

At your booking in appt they will ask if you want to attend "parentcraft" classes and book you in for them then too.

Hope all is well, congratulations and good luck. If you need to know anything else I will do my best to help!


MoragG Fri 10-Jul-09 15:09:45

Thanks very much - this is really useful. I am also booked in at the SGH, so great to get this information from someone who knows! I do get the impression that you aren't given very much information in the Glasgow area - you do seem to be left very much in the dark about what happens when and with who...

namechangerforareason Fri 10-Jul-09 16:38:17


The staff at the SGH were fabulous in my opinion, the labour suite MW's were certainly on the ball and very respectful of birth plans but you are right, your kinda left to figure it all out yourself! I found Mumsnet invaluable when I was pregnant and the local Glasgow thread is great Glasgow Local here

You can ask anything on any of the threads on MN and someone will be able to help you!

So welcome to mumsnet!

Again if I can help you out with anything just give me a wee shout,


Bump02 Fri 10-Jul-09 17:06:23

I'm from Medway towns (Kent) and my booking in appt was 8/9 weeks and 1st scan was 12 weeks + 1 day!

If you are feeling well then there shouldn't be any reason to see midwife, but i thought scan was done 11 weeks upto 13+6 weeks?! i would ask if your scan is at least booked!!

Congratulations too and good luck x

MoragG Fri 10-Jul-09 17:16:19

As far as I understand it I get the scan at the booking appointment. And as I've learned from posts from other Glasgow people the situation here is that you only get one scan, so it tends to be much later then folks in other parts of the country (hence the 15 weeks).

Bump02 Fri 10-Jul-09 17:17:21

Sorry I just re read your post I don't suppose I helped at all saying i'm from kent

Good luck though x

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