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rostbeef Fri 10-Jul-09 11:05:50

Hi all,

I am 14 weeks and just thinking about NCT - however, we have decided to move (I will be 8 months when we go) so is it silly to pay the money for the classes (money we need) when I won't be around to catch up with any NCT friends afterwards?
Did you enjoy NCT? Or think its a waste of money? Is there any point if I am moving afterwards?

any experiences/advice welcome as this is my first.

thank you!

Sunshinemummy Fri 10-Jul-09 11:25:28

Rostbeef I did NCT in two different areas with my two children.

The first class I made some really good friends and learnt some stuff but the overall tone was a bit too prescriptive for my taste (you will all have a natural birth with no drugs and no intervention, will breast feed and use cloth nappies).

The refresher class I did in my new area was mainly to make friends and I did but the classes were amazing. Tutor as completely open to the fact that things don't always go as planned and you have to consider every eventuality. I also didn't feel at all out of place as I decided to have an elective CS ( I definitely would have with the first tutor).

I think the upshot is it is important for making friends, although you can do this in other ways, such as going to groups and one o'clock clubs. The tuition really does depend on the tutor you get.

I must admit though for both groups my DP found it really useful (although he agreed with me that the second tutor was much better) as it really gave him the opportunity to focus on the fact that a baby was coming. He didn't read or look at anything prior to the classes so it really geared him up.

Longtalljosie Fri 10-Jul-09 11:46:00

I agree it depends on the tutor - mine was fantastic. I did have preconceptions that it would be a bit knit-you-own-placenta but it wasn't at all. Our tutor talked us through loads of stuff. And as Sunshine has said, it's useful for the blokes - and also it was good for me to have a couple of hours each week just to focus on the baby and not work etc.

If you join the NCT as a member as well as paying for the classes, you will have access to the bumps and babies / support side as well in your new area. There's a breastfeeding counsellor available in our county every day Mon-Fri which as a first-timer I find very reassuring.

Do you know where you're moving to? Is there any chance you could do NCT classes in the new area? That's what someone on my course has done...

rostbeef Fri 10-Jul-09 13:36:54

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer ladies - v useful.

Good idea going to new area classes - its Kent we are moving to and I am still in London so would be a journey, but not too bad.

I will talk to DP and see what he reckons.

thank you!

YanknCock Fri 10-Jul-09 13:47:36

Definitely depends on the instructor. Ours was absolute rubbish! So basically we paid £130 for an introduction to five nice other couples. The four hours of NHS classes we attended were much more informative and helpful than the 18 hours of NCT. The only part of NCT I think I'd use was the breastfeeding session, which was done by a different instructor.

Would agree with longtalljosie, if there's any way you can get in a class where you are moving, do that.

vonsudenfed Fri 10-Jul-09 13:47:56

Also quite a few branches run 'Bumps and babes" socials, which you could go to at 8mo and meet a few people then.

It's also worth checking what your local branch does - for example ours, and another one locally, run 'informal' pregnancy classes and/or socials which are another way to make contact with people (for a lot less cost!)

But agree, would be worth the travelling; the classes are good (if variable), but the main point of doing them is to meet people and see them when the babies are born!

jaype Fri 10-Jul-09 16:43:36

NCT is good for meeting other people due at the same time. A friend who did it managed to set up a really good babysitting circle within hers, which is definitely worth it!

I joined later - can't speak so much for the content of the classes, though have heard you can direct them a bit and so have some sessions about post-birth stuff such as how to bathe a baby and dress it etc (NHS classes didn't tell me that...). However, I help to run a bumps and babes and it's good for giving you a chance to chat and / or get advice from other mums. Also, ours certainly isn't very yoghurt-knitty. Of the six regulars I'm the only one who breastfed, so don't be scared.

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