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Measuring large for dates

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lal123 Fri 10-Jul-09 09:35:36

Sure this has been discussed lots of times - so apologies! I had a 24 week appointment with my midwife yesterday (24+4 or so), and fundal height is measuring 28 weeks. I'm trying not to worry - and just putting it down to my pre pregnancy pot belly! But part of me is already starting to dream up induction/EMCS etc etc. I need some reassurance!!

MW says that if still measuring big at next appointment (in 4 weeks time) she'll refer me for another scan.

madwomanintheattic Fri 10-Jul-09 09:41:24

dd1 measured large all the way through, and in the final weeks i was being monitored and scanned every other day. i ended up having a planned section because they said she was enormous. the obstetrician said he did not want to risk me going into labour naturally.

she was 8lb 6oz. <they had said she could be 10lb 13oz>

i had two vbacs after that for bigger babies lol.

lal123 Fri 10-Jul-09 13:08:06

oh dear God - I asked for reassurance!!!! Anyone measured big but ended up having a smaller baby?? DD was only 5lb 14 - I guess I hoped that htis one would be nice and comact too!

madwomanintheattic Fri 10-Jul-09 13:15:29

she was smaller lol grin

8lb 6oz is titchy! grin

lal123 Fri 10-Jul-09 13:34:08

lol- not as titchy as 5lb 14!!!!!

madwomanintheattic Fri 10-Jul-09 13:37:45

like a baby only smaller wink

my bf had one of those and was back in her size 8 jeans at home 4 hours later. i was v green. not that i actually own any size 8 jeans, but...

madwomanintheattic Fri 10-Jul-09 13:38:30

she opened the door and made me a cup of tea. i was like 'are you sure you've just given birth? shock

MegBusset Fri 10-Jul-09 13:52:48

DS2 measured big for dates all the way through, and mw kept saying "it's going to be a big baby". I didn't believe her (she'd said the same about 7lb 4 DS1) but in the end he was 8 lb 15.

However I still delivered naturally with g&a at 41+3. I was told they would not induce early for a big baby as outcomes were no better if they did.

lal123 Fri 10-Jul-09 14:01:03

size 8 jeans? lolololol - I didn't fit into size 8 jeans when I was 8......

Well - I don't believe the midwife - at 13 week scan and 20 week scan baby was measuring spot on average for dates - how can she have grown so much in 4 weeks?????

Think I need to start smoking wink

madwomanintheattic Fri 10-Jul-09 14:19:23


i may have said that once or twice...

ah, to be 15 and after a council flat. wink

olivo Fri 10-Jul-09 19:10:40

last og , i measured big and was told i'd be expecting a 9lber or so - dd was 7lb3 at term, it was mostly fluid. this time around i measured 4 different measurements within the same session, by different people. i am big for date sbut i have polyhydramnios and gest diabetes so bigger baby and stacks of fluid.
if you were measured with a tape measure, i wouldnt worry too much, they're often way out!

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