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BFP, 1 big nork, 1 not

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JeMeSouviens Thu 09-Jul-09 13:59:06

A few months ago, I found a lump in my breast and had a biopsy. It turned out to be a "cyst". I think the Doc referred it as non-cancerous tumour? At the time we decided to leave it in and do another check in 6mths, which will be October. And if it had grown, I could decide to have it out, or if I changed my mind before then, I could have it removed sooner.

So yesterday I got a BFP, one nork has been noticeably larger than the other for a couple of weeks. The smaller one has the cyst in it. I was wondering if the cyst has anything to do with that, and my breast tissue isn't funcitoning as normal.

Does anyone have experience of this? Also, if I decided to get it taken out now, as I'm thinking perhaps I should, has anyone had this done while pregnant?


sjbj Fri 10-Jul-09 12:27:46

Wasn't sure to post or not as certainly don't want to worry you - just to say hope you're ok and don't be afraid to demand attention!!
My sister had a similar experience (- her lump was however cancerous)They allowed her to continue the pregnancy with very close monitoring. They should keep a very close eye on you at the breast clinic- she had regular ultra sound on her breast and they operated a few months after baby was born.

"Norks" grin can grow differently but best to get it checked?

JeMeSouviens Mon 13-Jul-09 20:44:05

Thanks so much for replying. You're right, best I get my appointment moved forward and discuss with the Doc.

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