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One swollen foot

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alana39 Tue 07-Jul-09 11:32:27

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Last week my feet started to get swollen - put that down to extreme heat.

Last night I noticed that my left foot was ever so slightly swollen, but my right one is much bigger, uncomfortable in shoes, and it's foot rather than ankle. I'm 23 1/2 weeks by the way. Just slightly alarmed that it's more on one side!

oranges123 Tue 07-Jul-09 12:12:23

I have had swollen feet and ankles since about week 14 - now 22 weeks. The left is definitely worse than the right. I went to see the GP who did checks for blood pressure and protein in urine (I think this was for pre-eclampsia) and then sent me to the ante-natal clinic to be sure. They sent me to A&E to check for a DVT. That wasn't considered likely because both feet are swollen but subsequently, the doctor in the ante-natal clinic sent me for a DVT scan which was clear.

Just telling you this as you might want to have these things ruled out for peace of mind although, chances are, like me, the swelling is just one of those things. Generally, all the doctors have recommended me to do is to keep my feet raised as high as possible whenever possible and to wear those pressure socks like the ones you get for air travel (lovely in this heat).

alana39 Tue 07-Jul-09 12:42:50

Thank you oranges, I had thought about DVT but don't have any calf swelling or discomfort, but will go to Boots now and check out the pressure socks. How glamourous pregnancy is!

mrswee Tue 07-Jul-09 13:23:48

I have swelling a lot more on the left than the right because I have an old ankle injury and that means I gather more water on the injured foot and ankle. It was only a slight sprain years ago but it has caused me to have one elephant ankle!!
I would let your doctor or midwife know, over the phone or something, that one is more swollen than the other just to be safe though.

wilkos Tue 07-Jul-09 13:34:45

I had this when pregnant with dd two years ago. one foot just suddenly swelled up. dh called it my "hobbit foot" hmm

after a bit of panic from my doctor regarding blood clots and the like (and a very boring full day at the hospital) the other one swelled up to match it and i was diagnosed with oedema (water retention)

the reason one swelled quicker than the other was due to the babies lie.

all gone 24 hours after i had her but my feet have stayed one size larger!

lastboxoftampons Tue 07-Jul-09 13:40:12

Hmmm...interesting...I'm 37+4 and my right tends to swell more than my left, but both are not bad in the grand scheme of things. Think I will mention to mw on Thursday though as your stories have got me thinking. I'll try to find you to update after I see her.

mrswee Tue 07-Jul-09 13:55:10

oh god I hope my feet don't end up being a size larger.... I'm already a 7 and sometimes even an 8!!

alana39 Tue 07-Jul-09 15:10:27

I know mrswee, I was always a 7 1/2 but sine DS 1 definitely an 8, so with elephant foot now kind of stuck unless it carries on being dry and warm until October so I can wear flip flops.

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