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possible ectopic..advice, experiences and support needed

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CakeandFineWine Mon 06-Jul-09 19:38:19

Hello all

I'm 4 +5 weeks pregnant, went to A&E yest with low left side abdo pain. No bleeding etc.
Saw GP there who after urine screen and internal thought "it didn't look good" that I either "had been" pregnant or it was ectopic.

Had blood tests done and waited 6 hours to see gyne Dr.

She said blood test confirms 4 weeks preg.
Had US scan, couldn't see anything at all (nt unusual at this stage)But my endometrium lining also measured 4 weeks pregnant.

Been told I have to go back Wed am for another blood screen to see if HGC levels have increased, but gynae dr really didn't seem worried?!
rescan in 2 weeks?

Weirdly feel OK today though!?

Really not sure whats going on, thought ideas and experiences gratefully received!

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 06-Jul-09 19:44:55

so blood tests and endometrium both measuring 4 weeks? thats good if you think you are just over 4 weeks.

I think there isn't much you can do except wait for repeat bloods in 48 hours. But be aware of symptoms of ectopic, pain, bleeding etc.
good luck.

CakeandFineWine Mon 06-Jul-09 19:49:12

Yep both measure 4 weeks!?

I know but I'm sat here ruminating and it sucks!

But I now feel OK!?

Nicki77 Mon 06-Jul-09 21:28:50

I'm currently 13+1 weeks pregnant and I had a suspected ectopic pregnancy.

I was suffering with really bad cramps, no bleeding and thought it was pre period pains. When I was 2 days late I did a pregnancy test, more so I could take some pain relief. Was very shocked when it came back positive as I was in so much pain. I went to the doctors that evening as I didn't think the pain was normal and they sent me to A&E with suspected ectopic pregnancy.

A%E took some blood samples and referred me to the early pregnancy unit for a scan.

Two days later I went for the scan and had more bloods to see if my HGC was doubling. During the scan she said it was too early to defeinately rule out ectopic, but she thought she saw a dot in the right place. What she did see though was a cyst which was 5cm on my left ovary. She booked me in for another scan a week later. I got my blood results back and they were fine.

The second scan showed that it was not ectopic. I was told that the cyst I had was probably a corpeus luteum cyst and was probably supporting the pregnancy and therefore there was nothing they could so till the second trimester if it was still bothering me. They said the pain could last the whole 12 weeks. Was not impressed as the pain was horrendous. Worse than period pains.

I went to hospital on advice from the early pregnancy unit as the pain was so bad and they prescribed me some pain killers. Was a bit peeved as they were paracetamol and codeine and thats what I usually take for period pain and I hadn't taken any because I didn't think i was allowed too. I suffered for 2 weeks in pain with only paracetamol.

I went for another scan at 7 weeks as the scanner wanted to see a heartbeat. It was wonderful seeing the heart beating away and after 3 stressful weeks some of the pain subsided. I went on holiday and with a combination of rest, some pain relief I felt a lot better.

Now at 13+1 weeks I feel alot better in the pain department and only occasionally have to take pain relief.

I had a scan done at 11+4 as my midwife thought I was further along than I was and seeing the baby kicking its legs and waving its arms was amazing. I have another scan on wednesday and am so excited.

Anyway thought I would just let you know my story and that I know how you feel.

Make sure they keep an eye on you and confirm that the pregnancy is in the right place as it will stop you worrying unnecessarily.

Good luck


MrsHappy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:22:32

I've had a couple of ectopics.

TBH I am not sure that one sided pain so early would be a symptom, because the embryo would be extremely small. Mine were diagnosed between 5 and 7 weeks and I had (bad) backache but not one-sided pain. I'm not saying it couldn't be a symptom, but just that it aint necessarily so.

Re the internal (assume this is a vaginal exam, not an internal scan) I would be inclined to decline any more of those. If it is ectopic it is not a good idea for them to poke around up there and anyway that is not how you diagnose ectopics.

Your blood tests etc sound good. With this pregnancy I had a scan (internal) and the consultant could see a sac in the uterus at 4+4, but he is a very skilled chap and knows a lot about early diagnoisis of ectopics. A less skilled operator might not be so useful.

The only thing to do is to wait and see what happens with your bloods. I would be inclined to ask for a repeat scan as soon as your HCG hits 2000. They should be able to see the pregnancy if it is in the uterus by then. The gynae doctor probably seemed quite relaxed because there is this whole system of repeat bloods, scans etc that kicks in once you are in the pipeline. Often ectopics are not seen on scan and it is the combined picture from blood tests, scans etc over time (a couple of weeks' worth with my first one) that leads them to the conclusion that the pregnancy is ectopic.

Anyway, with any luck you won't need to find out about all of that! Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

jungleju Tue 07-Jul-09 08:32:35

i had an ectopic pregnanct at 8 weeks so for an ectopic quite far on and the pain was like nothing i have ever felt or hope to feel aagin and that does include childbirth. my ain was left sided with shoulder tip pain which are classic signs of a ectopic i spent 2 days on morphine while they checked my hcg levels and a consultant to make a decision to end up in thestre as an emergency due to it having rupture! my advice would be to keep on at them get the bloods and if the pain persists keep going back to a&e(i work in a&e so i dont often tell people to keep going) but in mt experience gp's are poor at pickin up ectopics and even worse at urgent referrals! i hope all is well with you pregnancy! if it is an ectopic it will be devastating but there is still hope! i have a 3year old and im currently 7 weeks pregnant following my ectopic so fingers crossed for you!

xfingerscrossedx Wed 08-Jul-09 21:28:41

Hi there,

I had an ectopic in Feb 2008. I wasn't in huge amounts of pain just felt like really bad period pains which were very low down. Also had some dark (almost black) blood. Had a bit of back ache, but again not agony. Ended up in hospital as my tube was rupturing, after being picked up on a scan and was operated on immediately... really scary.

I am now 10 weeks pregnant, definately not ectopic (thank God!) Had an early scan to make sure all ok and another at 7.5 to check for heartbeat. All ok so far!!! Keeping everything crossed.

If you feel really unwell or there is any blood get help straight away. I was lucky that I was caught before everything ruptured totally.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts! Good luck!!! xxx

mumonthenet Wed 08-Jul-09 21:34:25

i had an ectopic at about 9 weeks. Had not much pain but slight bleeding for two or three weeks (!) before diagnosed. Then had the op of course.

Went on to have three healthy dc's grin

Not much you can do but follow doc's advice.
Hope all goes well.

crankytwanky Wed 08-Jul-09 22:36:55

I had an ectopic at 8 weeks. I'd had what I'd thought was a light, late period. I just knew i was PG, although 2 tests were negative.

Besides the crippling abdo pain, I had shoulder point pain. Very much like bad wind & period pain.

I so hope it's all ok for you. smile

FWIW, I fell PG again really soon, despite having 1 tube.

CakeandFineWine Thu 09-Jul-09 19:29:56

Hello all,

Thanks for all your posts, My HCG level well over doubled in 48 hours (now convinced its twins?!?)

Feeling much better and not worried,
Got scan a week Wednesday, watch this space!

laurawantsababy Thu 09-Jul-09 19:32:06

I had pains in my left side and a 7 weeks showed a healthy baby and 2 cysts on my left ovary.

My HCG levels doubled aswell. The pain went by 10 weeks as the cysts went.

Good luck.

bumpybecky Thu 09-Jul-09 19:40:30

I had pain at 6 weeks, they couldn't find a heartbeat in my uterus so suspected an ectopic. Had me in hospital overnight, planning to do an operation the next day (tube through belly button into fallopian tubes to check). They scanned me again before the op and found a baby in the right place She's now 9 and the pain was due to a kidney infection (no pain when peeing, just pain like period pain on one side).

Hope things work out well for you

funtimewincies Thu 09-Jul-09 19:59:10

It's good that they're monitoring it though. I mentioned some 'twingeing' when I went to tell my GP at 5 weeks and he referred me to EPAU to be on the safe side, readily admitting that 'as a bloke I won't pretend that this is my area of expertise' grin.

I then had bleeding, my hormones didn't rise and it was concluded that I'd had a miscarriage. The ectopic was only found after another bleed and still getting a +ve. This was a month after seeing the GP, no further pain and eventually a laparoscopy (and removal of the tube). I have no idea how far the pg got.

Hope that it's just a false alarm for you.

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