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Tens hire?

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Picante Mon 06-Jul-09 15:37:32

Best place? Any recommendations?

trixymalixy Mon 06-Jul-09 15:47:47

I actually thought it was better value to buy one from Boots.

Thay have triple points on baby stuff and I used a 10% code the other day FDPF73.

Mine has been used by me, a couple of mates, my SIl and I'm about to use it again hopefully in a few weeks.

Then you can flog it on ebay afterwards for almost what you paid for it.

Picante Mon 06-Jul-09 17:15:37

Ah yes forgot about selling it on ebay. Thanks I'll have a look.

GinaFordAteMyBaby Mon 06-Jul-09 19:46:46

Try asking your midwife - our community midwives hire them out. Tthey used to just take a refundable deposit but have now started charging £7. Still, cheaper than you're likely to get it anywhere else.

anniebigpants Mon 06-Jul-09 20:04:28

I loaned mine from the hospital, went along when i was 37 weeks to be shown how to use it.Just had to leave it at the hospital when i left. Intend to hire it from hospital again this time.

Loopymumsy Mon 06-Jul-09 20:12:30

Message withdrawn

mumbot Mon 06-Jul-09 21:08:40

I got mine from Mothercare and I wore it all the way through 21 hours of labour, it really helped.

Wedgie Mon 06-Jul-09 22:04:08

I think it's pretty subjective cos I had all good intentions of using mine and when it came to it I couldn't stand the pads being on my back so it only got used for 5 mins.

Benefit is that if you buy one you can use it again - hub uses it on his dodgy knee and says it really helps.

Mine was an ebay purchase but I remember reading that you should make sure it's one suitable for pregnancy.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 06-Jul-09 22:05:50

The pregnancy ones have a boost button which normal ones don't so it's well worth getting the right type.

I've hired mine from Boots both times. Not the cheapest but very good service and good quality TENS

Gromit78 Tue 07-Jul-09 09:12:46

I bought mine from Amazon for £20. It's not an official pregnancy machine, but it has a boost button and it has 4 pads and they are big enough to use. It doesn't matter whether it is a maternity machine or not so long as the pads are big enough and there are 4 pads, because 2 pads won't be enough so my MW told me.

Picante Tue 07-Jul-09 12:57:45

Thanks all!

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