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Anyone able to answer some questions on gestational diabetes?

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beanstalk Mon 06-Jul-09 12:16:50

I am 27 weeks and last week midwife found high sugar in my urine. She did a bloodtest and said my blood sugar level was 8 which is a bit high apparently. So on Wednesday I have to go for further blood tests after fasting and then have glucose.

I know very little about gestational diabetes. Is there a cause, does it always result in a big baby, will I have to go on a special diet? Most importantly to me, is there any risk to the baby?

I'd be really grateful for any advice, we're in the middle of moving house and feeling a bit stressed this week!

mum27 Mon 06-Jul-09 13:04:54

Hi Beanstalk, I'm 23 weeks and have GD as well. It is the 3rd pregnancy out of 8 that I have had it and while it is a pain in the bum it's not the end of the world. Depending on which glucose test you have they may or may not send you for a further test. As far as always resulting in big babies I guess that depnds on what you call big, the previous 2 I've had it with were 9lb 1oz and 8lb 14oz which might be big but then I had a 10lb 12oz one and supposedly didn't have GD with him. No guesses yet as to what size this one will be :-). The best thing you can do is try and control it with diet, cut out the sugar, lower your fat and try for a low GI diet, great for losing weight as well, the positive aspect to having GD, also if you can manage to increase your exercise that helps as well but don't over do it. If you can control it with diet, then you may be able to avoid going on tablets or insulin, which is always better. There is apparently a risk to the baby if it gets too big and has to do with it's sugar levels and it's ability to get rid of it. But if worst comes to worst they will put you on insulin and monitor you closely. I would buy the blood sugar monitor and see how you go managing it with your diet, I have just been put on insulin as the tablets didn't work out for me, I thought they were going to but not to be :-(. Most importantly, don't stress over it, it is controlable and you can still enjoy your pregnancy, just not indulge in the yummy fatty ice crerams everyone else is diet ice creams for you :-). Enjoy being pregnant and the weight loss that comes with watching your diet, it will probably all return to normal after LO is born. There is also another thread that ended on the 2nd about GD if you wanted to read through that. Good Luck

thoughtforms Mon 06-Jul-09 14:37:37

Hi Beanstalk,

I've had GD for the last six weeks, another 7 to go. My blood sugars weren't massively high, but were high enough to be over the limit, when I had the two hour GTT.

The most important thing, which took me an age to get my head around - don't feel like a failure! (I did) It's just your body not being able to deal with it, and it's nothing you've done wrong. (not that you're saying that!)

I've stuck to the GI Diet (there's a great book, with recipes - it even has a pizza recipe, which has satisfied those cravings), and have even been able to eat out and have Indian meals (Chinese is a no-no) - so don't feel like you'll be missing out - it's all adaptable!

GD doesn't always result in a large baby - we're having our next growth scan a week today, and I was told as long as I can stay in control, everything should proceed as normal - and the last few weeks (I'm testing the sugars in my blood 4 times a day) my levels have been pretty good - helped as I've had to take two Metformin with breakfast, and one in the evening with my meal. I've also lost weight - which wasn't something I expected (and still does my head in!).

The only risk to the baby is if you can't control the diabetes - but you'll be very closely monitored, and if your docs are anything like mine, you'll get to know them on first name terms :-)

Oh, and you know, 0% jelly with 0% greek yoghurt has never been so tasty, every time I fancy a dessert of some kind... and as for the sugar-free ice pops...! Burgen bread is also good for low-GI sandwiches - pricey, but good. I had to give up cereals for breakfast, as they were too sugary.

Good luck, anyway - I wont waffle on too long!

beanstalk Mon 06-Jul-09 17:48:40

Thanks for your replies. Good to know its easily managed, if a bit gutting I won't be able to eat chocolate and ice cream for the rest of the pregnancy grin

I had read that they may induce you early if you have GD, which I was quite worried about as I wanted to avoid being induced this time around (induced at 42 weeks with DD1). Is this likely do you know?

olivo Mon 06-Jul-09 18:09:39

hi beanstalk, i was diagnosed with GD afew weeks ago. it is apparently caused by hormones in the placenta, nothing you have done. i am on a sugar controlled diet; i am allowed some cereal, no fruit juice but a couple of pieces of fruit, wholemeal or brown bread seem to be ok. i have struggled with giving up biscuits and cakes and chocolate as have had a real sweet tooth throughout this pg, but have some sugar free sweets sometimes and low sugar squash.
i'v e had one growth scan and the baby was on the big side but still in normal range. it seems to have caused polyhyramnios (excess fluid) for me but this doesnt always happen

you will be carefully monitored, and the baby's blood sugar will be carefully watched after birth.

hope your GTT goes ok. try not to stress.

thoughtforms Mon 06-Jul-09 20:16:53

From what I understand, you're only likely to be induced early if your baby is growing bigger than they should. My last scan she was right in the middle - apparently it's the abdominal part which they keep the closest eye on. As long as the GD is kept under control, then I was told there's no reason why I shouldn't have a normal birth.

Also - worth asking about, although you can't do it until 36 weeks, but my local hospital does free Colostrum Banking - ie, you express milk from around 36 weeks (which is now ideal timing for me, as I've brought forward my last day at work) - I saw you're in Surrey - so if you're anywhere near Epsom or St Helier, then you should be able to participate.

There's lots of horror stories out there, damn internet, so try not to pay too much attention! There's way too much information by far... I managed to scare myself a LOT with what's out there.

Oh and you know, chocolate and ice cream, ohh the pain. The amount of birthdays at work that I've missed, while everyone's sat scoffing the most gorgeous looking cakes, and someone even brought in ice cream... sigh... but just think, at least it's only temporary, thank goodness...

One thing my diabetic clinic said to avoid, any of the diabetic chocolates/sweets - they're not good for us with GD. Can't remember the specifics, but that was a pain. Carob isn't much use either. Pah!

mum27 Tue 07-Jul-09 03:08:30

I was only induced early with my first GD pegnancy because they'd had an earlier scare, after having it I swore with the next GD pregnancy that I was never going to be induced again...EVER and I went slightly over and delivered an average sized baby, at least for me she was, 8lb 14oz. This time however I'm going for an elective CS so will be delivered early, nothing to do with diabetes.However they don't like you to go too far over, something to do with the way the baby manages it's own sugar levels, so bring on the curry and raspberry leaf tea grin

The pain of having to give up ice cream isn't all bad grin the 99% fat free ice creams are ok, in small amounts and the recipe books are great, there are some great chocolate ones and if the craving becomes too much, my diabetic diatician suggested a square of dark chocolate, not quite the same indulgence but better than nothing I say for the sweet tooth

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