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Overdue - just. Do you think I can get a sweep?

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Cillapops Mon 06-Jul-09 09:32:27

I am only 1 day over with baby no 2 but it seems forever as the midwife thought this one would be around a week early.

I have had no twinges but have had what I think is show over the last 10 days. Today I don't want to leave the bathroom as the baby is dancing on my bladder so much.

My parents live over 3hrs away but have been here on standby to look after DD1 when the moment arrives. They have to leave in 3 days and I am worried about who will look after DD1 as we have no other family nearby if things drag on.

I have had no problems with this or my first pregnancy so do you think my midwife will give me a sweep tomorrow if I request one or will she tell me to be patient?

Yorky Mon 06-Jul-09 10:19:08

I asked for, and got, a sweep at 39+4 as I knew that if I was allowed to go my full 14days over we would be moving house with a 3day old so she understood why I wanted baby out! She then told me I was 5cm so didn't need sweep! had only been aware of niggles and thought they were BH, for about a fortnight!
I would say it is definitely worth asking and explain your reasons like you have here. Have you considered reflexology so help get things started as well?

ActivityApple Mon 06-Jul-09 10:26:22

Message withdrawn

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