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week 22- less movement

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ashymae Sun 05-Jul-09 18:00:00

Hi, my baby boy was hiccuping like mad from weeks 17-20, my husband could feel him and we could both see him all over in my belly, now i am at week 22 and I am not feeling it as much at all. Maybe he changed positions or is less close to the front of my abdomen. Anyone else experienced this?

mrswee Sun 05-Jul-09 18:47:51

Is he moving less frequently or is it just that you the movements don't feel so strong?

I am having the later just now and I am at 28 weeks, I started a thread about it on friday and few people said it was normal or at least they had the same. They do move around and hide when they are still so small but I would call your midwife/doctor if you are worried, they won't think you are silly. I spoke to mine about it last week.

I have had the heartbeat checked a few times, which is what they might do for you, and it helped reassure me too.

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