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How long after a show did you go into labour??

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loganberry12 Sun 05-Jul-09 16:01:28

Hi im 32 weeks pregnant and had a show yesterday evening, no pains or contractions although i did have very strong contractions and a lot of pain a couple of weeks ago. As there were some fresh red blood clots in it i went to hospital where they examined and monitored me and said to go home and rest, didnt really give me any explanation why i had a show at 32 weeks. I was just wondering could i still go full term or is the birth going to happen soon?? this is my 5th baby its been 14 years since my last and i didnt have a show with the others that i can remember. Has anyone else had a show early and gone on for several more weeks before labour started?? or should i expect things to happen soon?

loganberry12 Sun 05-Jul-09 20:22:53


olivo Sun 05-Jul-09 20:45:43

i had a show on my due date and went inot labour 3 days later, had dd the following day.
I've read that you can have a show up to 2 weeks before labour starts.

good luck, loganberry.

pippylongstockings Sun 05-Jul-09 20:45:49

Sorry don't have any definative answers for you. I had a show with my 1stat 38 weeks, and went into labour about 3 hours later.

This is clearly not the case for you - I think at 32 weeks I would be ringing the midwife again. They really should be advising you more in my opinion.

Good luck.

lydiathetattooedlady Sun 05-Jul-09 20:56:05

i had mine nearly 3 weeks ago... and still waiting! im 39 weeks on wednesday, with dd i had a show/lost plug was in labour the next day. it can be hours or weeks unfortunately!

bevlin Mon 06-Jul-09 14:38:43

HI, I had a show on the sunday morning and had DS Monday morning. When I first had the show I phoned the hospital and the midwife said it means nothing, it could be up to 3 weeks! If i were you Id phone the triage at the hospital and ask to speak to a midwife even if they have to phone you back. Their lack of information and advice is not on and I think you'll find they will be happy to help if you explain your worries and confusion with this. If it was a show they should be keeping a close eye on you and if it wasn't, a little bit more proding and checking wouldn't go a miss. I had a high risk pregnany and spent a lot of time at hospital and it's amazing how much some doctors/midwifes vary (some should not have bothered coming to work)! Try to find someone helpful this time. good luck! x

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