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lost preg at only 5 wks - needs treatment/see doc?

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Jacksmybaby Sat 04-Jul-09 10:12:19

Not even sure it counts as a mc this early on. Appreciate lots of women wouldn't have even realised they were pg so early. But question is does this require a docs visit or is it effectively just a late period that's flushing everything out, as it were?

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sat 04-Jul-09 10:15:19

Sorry to hear this.

I don't think you need to see a doctor unless for example you bleed for a long time or are in a large amount of pain. I would notify the doctor just so your medical records show you have had a miscarriage.

Tangle Sat 04-Jul-09 11:04:25

Sorry to hear you've been through/are going through this .

I used IMs for DD and had just started talking to them again when I had an early miscarriage - their comments were that:

1) its possible to have a really rather large amount of bleeding and not loose the pregnancy (more than a normal period) - but the only way to find out for sure is to wait till its all over and take a test. That said, if you've been passing pinky-grey clots that's not a good sign.

2) once you tell your GP its on your record - and if you have 3 MCs you then tend to be flagged as "high risk", which can make things more complicated/stressful for future pregnancies. If you ever apply for life insurance or the like they will want to access your medical records and, after having some ridiculous exclusions on DH's from records when he was 8, we've got a bit cautious!

3) if the bleeding doesn't stop within about a week and/or you're in pain and/or there start to be nasty smells then you probably have a partial miscarriage. Then you DO need to see your GP as you may need surgery to remove the bits that are left.

Mine finished within about a week with no other side effects and I had a -ve test the next day, so I haven't told my GP.

(yes, it is a MC even though its so early - and even though its so early it can still be deeply upsetting - I found it easier to pretend nothing was wrong in public, but DH did a lot of mopping up of tears at home for a while)

Jacksmybaby Sat 04-Jul-09 11:17:31

Thank u goodnight and tangle.
Have taken a test this a.m. and it's neg sad so definitely all over. Started with severe cramps yest p.m. then bleeding yest late eve, now properly bleeding with really painful period pain cramps.
Told 2 friends was preg, last weekend after getting pos result (was going on hen night so needed allies to drink my drinks for me!), now feeling very sad and humiliated at thought of having to tell them it's off sad sad. But feel guilty for feeling sad as obviously the experience is nothing compared to it happening later on!

skihorse Sat 04-Jul-09 13:53:28

jacksmybaby I went through this last weekend myself and had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday which was supposed to be announcing my pregnancy... however due to my panicky phonecalls friday night to the surgery, I walked in and she said "congratulations"

Anyway, as tangle said, my doc said that as the bleeding was all of a "normal" amount I would not need any treatment. However, if I was experiencing any pain, any bad smells or any further "significant" bleeding then I must go back immediately.

She also said to get straight back on the horse as it were.

Take care this weekend, I made the mistake of going back to work last Monday and I wish I'd taken a couple of days off to get my head together. x

skihorse Sat 04-Jul-09 13:55:34

PS I'd told loads of people too... and at first I felt "embarassed" at having shared my news before those golden 12 weeks were up. Then I thought fuck it, I like these people enough to share my happy news - they can also share my shit news. And of course, NOBODY has turned around and said "told ya so" or "your own fault". But yes, I felt embarassed that I'd felt so happy and proud of myself, only to have it ripped away a week later. Maybe that's normal. ??

Jacksmybaby Sat 04-Jul-09 16:08:11

Ok, so by "pain" I assume we are talking more than just the (really quite bad) period pain type cramps which I guess are normal and to be expected?
skihorse, interesting what gp told you re getting straight back onto it... was consulting my pregnancy book this morning which said that there's a greater risk of it happening again if you try too soon after a mc, and should wait a couple of mths. TBH thinking of giving the whole thing a rest for at least a month or 2 now. But I suppose not a good time right at this moment to be making decisions like that!
How are you feeling now skihorse? It's rubbish isn't it?

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sat 04-Jul-09 16:40:18

Jacksmybaby if you are ready to start trying straight away then do so. I started trying straight after I had a late m/c and concieved within about 7 weeks, baby is now 13 months!

Tangle Sat 04-Jul-09 18:14:55

. Its pants.

Daft isn't it - I've got friends that I know have had MCs recently, but don't want to confide in them as theirs was missed till the 13 week scan (when they found the pregnancy had ended at about 6 weeks) and I don't feel I "qualify" to feel upset...

You're description of pain to worry about fits with my understanding.

Re. trying again, from what I could find out its an area that isn't very well researched at all, especially for very early MCs. The biggest reason not to that I could find was that it can make dating tricky - some women find their cycles are a bit irregular after a MC and so using LMP becomes a bit less reliable (or if you don't have another period at all its even more obscure...). IMs said no reason not to as long as we felt ready emotionally - if you need time to grieve then take it, you've had a loss and you need to comes to terms with that.

Look after yourself.

skihorse Sat 04-Jul-09 19:02:42

Jacksmybaby If you feel your pain is bad enough to contact your doctor then do so - it's all subjective isn't it? I think my pain was greater than usual last friday night but it only lasted an hour or two then it was "normal". At the time I was telling myself it wasn't hurting as a way of denial I suppose.

OK, as far as I can make out from trying straight away post-mc, it pisses off the medical profession because your cycle dates are as yet "unknown" and so dating can be trickier. Well, I'm sure they deal with people every single day who have no idea when their period was.

Just read a lady today who conceived 17 days after her 6 week mc. She said she wanted to be pregnant, not wait - and I get that totally. Plus of course there are those who say you're more fertile immediately after and that's got to be worth a shot.

skihorse Sat 04-Jul-09 19:05:30

Yes, it does feel shit and I'm feeling horrible. As I say, I made the mistake of going back to work on monday and I've had a horrible week - not work-wise, but a million things going wrong outside work. So this afternoon has been the first time I've had a chance to sit and think.

We'd been trying for 8 months and I was over the moon, finally thought we'd cracked it. It's my first and I've managed to take the positives thought i) we know we can do it and ii) because of investigatins at the fertility clinic the month before and this, I now know I'm firing off both barrels ovary wise! wink

gizzy1973 Sat 04-Jul-09 20:54:39

mc is horrible even at 5 weeks - happened to me at the end of march but i fell pregnant straight away and am now 13 weeks but still worry that something can heppen

just take time to get over it as much as you can and try again when you are ready

the one thing i took as a positive after the mc was the fact we could conceive as had no idea until then

SOFIB Sun 05-Jul-09 13:58:50

Hi girls, has just happened to me too sad. I called NHS direct yesterday for advice about bleeding and they got the out of hours service to call me- they called about 8 hrs later and said I had to go to A&E so have just got home from a night in hospital. Everyone was very nice. You're right it is a bit shit isn't it, but I am taking heart from the fact that now I know I can get pregnant and, gizzy1973 the fact you got preg stright away and I've read others saying that has happened to them too. Take care and loads of luck skihorse, jacksmybaby and tangle. smile

Meglet Sun 05-Jul-09 14:08:01

Sorry you've all been through it recently jacks skihorse and SOFIB. I had one at 6 weeks, I bled alot, but was ok after about a week. Rotten time for my mc though as it was on my ds's first birthday, I had to spend all day smiling and gritting my teeth in public and bawled my eyes out when everyone went home.

We started ttc again next cycle and now have a gorgeous little 10mo dd. Masses of luck to all of you.

Jacksmybaby Sun 05-Jul-09 19:54:12

Just looked at your pics Meglet, lovely! smile. Glad your story had a happy ending. Still feeling pretty pants today sad. But feel better knowing I'm not alone. Thanks all for replies and good luck... hope to see some "I'm pregnant!" posts from some of u soon!

JamieJay Sun 05-Jul-09 20:12:50

Jacksmybaby - thinkng of you.

I had a miscarraige at 5+6 weeks at the beginning of June. Starting spotting at 5+1 and had a period at 5+6 with pretty bad cramps.

I did go to GP and was referred to early pregnancy unit. They did a preg test which was negative and said thatshowed everything was out and no further treatment was needed. As you've had a neg test I'd say you don't need to do anything but I'd ask your GP to put it on your record for reference when you fall pregnant again.

We decided to wait for one cycle to get our heads straight and AF arrived on Friday so will be trying again from this week. All I would say is do what is right for you, be it going for it straight away or waiting awhile to grieve, it may have been an early lost but you still have the right (can't think of a better word) to grieve.

Good luck hun

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