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Where can I find the due in Jane 2006 thread please?

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Flumpette Mon 16-May-05 20:05:36

Not sure where it is?

Flumpette Mon 16-May-05 20:05:53

Help needed.

Flumpette Mon 16-May-05 20:06:07

Help Needed please. Where can I find the thread?

serenity Mon 16-May-05 20:12:37

it's here

Flumpette Thu 19-May-05 09:19:52

Hi that didnt work for me. Could you explain where I go to find it please? Thanks

horseshoe Thu 19-May-05 09:29:49

Go to Ante-natal Clubs and you will find it there

Flumpette Sat 21-May-05 10:44:48

Thanks very much. x

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