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Small bump for 32 weeks

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bettybets Fri 03-Jul-09 11:11:06

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first and i'm not showing very big, infact if i sit upright you can't really tell, my midwife says i'm meassuring ok, but i'm sick of everyone saying to me 'your not very big are you?!'

I keep seeing pregnant women who are at least double the size of me which makes me worry, i hope everythings ok.

alana39 Fri 03-Jul-09 13:51:27

Betty I'm sure if there was something to worry about your midwife would have said. I know it's very difficult to ignore comments about size (in 3 pgs I have had such a mixture of "oh you're big / small aren't you") but everyone shows differently, depending on your build, baby's position etc. Try to ignore it - only 8 weeks to go! smile

dal21 Fri 03-Jul-09 14:35:29

Dont worry. At all. I had a lovely neat bump with DS. He wasnt huge when born but perfectly healthy! When I went off on maternity leave, heaps of colleagues were shocked as they didnt think I was so far along.

Enjoy it! Meant I didnt get one stretchmark!

GentlyDoingIt Fri 03-Jul-09 14:44:51

Hey BettyBets I'm in exactly the same boat as you! It's a surprise because with DD I was very rotund, but this time it's a DS in there and my bump is very petite indeed.

As long as you area measuring fine, that's all that matters.

crumpette Fri 03-Jul-09 20:03:59

Hi I had this with DD, I just looked tiny and had a very 'neat' bump, no stretch marks etc, anyway it was due to having quite a low level of amniotic fluid, which it turns out was probably caused by my pre-eclampsia.

IT wasn't a low enough level to be worried about as it was measured at the end in growth scans for her, it's often just that some women have loads, others have a little, others are average, and some babies are in weird positions and your tummy sticks out more.

This time round I am only 3mths and as big as I was at 5/6 months with DD!

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