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am I right in thinking it really doesn't matter if baby is breech at 29 weeks?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 02-Jul-09 17:06:10

had a scan monday and baby was head down - saw midwife today and she said 'ooh, the baby is breech' [sigh, sigh, tut, tut etc]. I just think there is no point in even thinking about that at this stage because obviously she has totally flipped over since monday so can do it again. She was such a scare-mongerer.

trixymalixy Thu 02-Jul-09 17:10:02

Midwife has just been to see me at 36 weeks, baby is well head down, but was breech at my last appointment 4 weeks ago.

She said they don't worry about breech presentation until 37 weeks.

ladylush Thu 02-Jul-09 18:31:08

I think they only worry if your membranes have ruptured prematurely (as in my case) - less fluid so less likely baby can turn.

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Thu 02-Jul-09 18:45:35

I was the same at 28 weeks and the midwife said the baby was probably in a new position every hour at this stage and was "perfectly entitled to lie however it wanted". Definitely wouldn't worry about it. Mine is head down now at 37 weeks.

neolara Thu 02-Jul-09 21:04:38

I'm 30 weeks and saw midwife a few days ago. My baby is currently doing somersaults and is definitely not head down, at least not for more than about 30 mins. The midwife said it was fine and would only be something to be mildly worried about if the baby still wasn't in position by 36 weeks.

The midwife also said that it was common for women who have had kids before (this will be my third) as my stomach muscles will be shot to pieces (actually, she wasn't quite that rude, but that was the gist of it) and so there is just more room.

blinder Thu 02-Jul-09 22:22:43

correct OP. I am 31 weeks and my MW said around half the babies at my stage are breach, like mine.

She said even if she turns now, she could easily turn back again tomorrow smile.

No need to worry till 37 weeks wink.

Tangle Thu 02-Jul-09 22:55:48

There isn't any need to wory until you're about 37 weeks, but you might want to start idly thinking about what you might do if it doesn't turn before you get there.

DD (my first) was palpated as breech from 28 weeks and didn't turn. We got to 36 weeks and I pushed hard for a scan (they didn't want to do anything till 37 weeks), which confirmed the position and led to me getting a lot of pressure to have an ECV and, if that failed, a CS at about 39 weeks. DH and I had done a lot of reading before hand and had come to the conclusion that vaginal breech birth wan't intrinsically dangerous as long as we had a MW with good breech experience. So we found an IM that had done a lot of breech birth and DD was born at home at 41+3.

Two books I found really helpful were "Breech Birth" by Benna Waites and "Breech Birth: What are my options" by Jane Evans, along with anything google turned up by Mary Cronk.

Only something like 4% of babies present breech at term so your LO more than likely will sort themselves out before its an issue - but as a mother who's child was obstinate, I was very glad I'd had a chance to think through options before it all became a big issue.

ladylush Fri 03-Jul-09 08:19:39

Also acupuncture (with use of moxa - a chinese herb) supposedly helps turn the baby. Not recommended before 32 weeks though.
I am considering this.

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