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fed up, over sensitive and clumsy! anyone else?

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olivo Thu 02-Jul-09 12:02:53

sums me up really at the moment! 8 or so weeks to go, am going to run out of glasses and crockery if i carry on being so clumsy, am surprised DH is still here given that i'm either blubbing or ranting most of the time blush. have so many more ailments than in last pg and am so hungry since being diagnosed with GD. can't sleep, struggling at work, and it's too bloomin hot!

end of grumping grin

please tell me I'm not alone......

Hawkmoth Thu 02-Jul-09 12:13:52

You're not alone.

DP just rang to check on me. I started by raging at him for not washing up this morning (I can't get into the corner to do it) and finished by sobbing into the phone.

DD is naked on the couch into her third hour of Nick Jr.

I feel sick with the heat and lower back pain. I will never have sex in November again.

olivo Thu 02-Jul-09 12:40:59

ah, good old nick jr - dd's repetoire of programmes has also vastly increased!!

and i've just blubbed on the phone to dh too. again! i've actually had to take today off work due to the sicky feeling and dizziness this heat is causing. bleurgh!

becksydee Thu 02-Jul-09 16:52:21

funnily enough hawkmoth, i was having that exact same thought as i waddled up the hill to the tube this morning! (except i mentally added the caveat "without using at least 6 different forms of contraception" )

i had a good cry and rant at DP this morning as well, over something completely insignificant as it turns out blush

i have 8 weeks to go too olivo, and really starting to wish i could afford to start my maternity leave a bit earlier. you are definitely not alone! i'm trying to console myself with the knowledge that 8 weeks isn't that long really ... y'know ... in the grand scheme of things ...

(convinced? no, me neither!)

olivo Thu 02-Jul-09 18:09:19

grin becksydee! ok, it's not as bad as 12 weeks....hmm grin

still too blummin hot.....wink

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