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mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:23:20

Husband just gone on an 8 mile jog and nobody here other than 3yr old. Just noticed I have a very pale brown/red discharge and am really worried. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Really dont know whether this is normal or I need to do something fast. Feeling aches and pains now and dont know whether so upset I am just imagining these.

Please give me some advice to my husband comes back.

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 19:26:32

Can you phone your midwife?

sweetfall Wed 01-Jul-09 19:26:46

It is spotting that's all .. as the foetus embedds deeper in the lining of the womb you can have spotting.

Brown blood is a sign that's it's old blood. If you're talking about discharge, most probably some small amounts of blood have tinged normal cervical fluids.

So take a deep breath. Put 3 year old to bed and have a luke-warm bath to relax you (so long as it's baking there, if it's cool then just have a normal bath)

If you continue bleeding or it gets worse you may need a visit to the EPU so you can speak to GP in the morning to get a referral

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 19:27:22

Bleeding in early pregnancy is common but should be checked out.

Northernlurker Wed 01-Jul-09 19:29:39

Where exactly have you got pain?

mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:30:12

Unfortunately dont have a midwife yet and desperately want my husband to come home.

mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:31:27

Right hand side of low stomach and the same in my back. had some pain v low in spine area earlier. Not sure if just imagining it.

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 19:36:10

What about a phone call to NHS direct?

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 19:36:42

what time is your husband due back?

mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:40:34

About an hour.

Northernlurker Wed 01-Jul-09 19:41:00

Ok - I was asking about the type of pain because I am just slightly concerned about an ectopic pregnancy rather than a miscarriage. PLEASE DO NOT PANIC! It is a rare event but because it's potentially serious I would rather mention it and risk worrying you than not mention it iyswim. One sided pain can be a symptom - but it doesn't have to be a symptom of an ectopic - it could be lots of things. But I think you need to bear this in mind and so i'm linking to the NHS website here The suggestion to call NHS Direct is an excellent one.

mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:45:49

I had a scan last week as had a car accident and all ok then so think not etopic. It is an ache and hurts when sit down.

Nice to have people out there listening to me.

Northernlurker Wed 01-Jul-09 19:48:09

Oh good! That's a relief then - hope I haven't worried you by mentioning it. Did you see a heartbeat last week then? Because if so the chances of miscarrying go way down. How bad was the accident - might it have caused any bleeding?

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 19:48:13

Give NHS direct a call, sit down and take it easy and keep posting if it takes your mind off of it.

mummynumnum Wed 01-Jul-09 19:49:58

There was definately a heartbeat and accident was not very bad-thank God as daughter in car. Just a bit of whiplash!

Northernlurker Wed 01-Jul-09 19:52:28

Ok good - are you ringing NHS direct though?

stillstanding Wed 01-Jul-09 19:53:29

I'm sure it will all be fine, mummy. Someone once told me that it is quite common to have a bit of spotting at the 4 week and 8 week marks as that is when your period would normally be due. Hopefully your husband will be home very soon.

369thegoosedrankwine Wed 01-Jul-09 20:15:14

I had bleeding at 11 weeks when pg - and there was quite a bit there when I wiped (sorry if TMO). I was panic stricken but all turned out to be fine. It is fairly common but you should tell your midwife to put your mind at rest(they might scan you, mine did).

QueenofVenus Wed 01-Jul-09 20:15:59

mummynumnum, my sister had quite a nasty bleed of fresh blood at around the same time in both her pregnancies and she was fine, a healthy boy the 1st time and a healthy girl the 2nd, easy for me to say, but its not always something horrible about to happen many hugs to you though x

ThePhantomPlopper Wed 01-Jul-09 22:39:17

Hope you're OK.

mummynumnum Thu 02-Jul-09 16:36:49

Feeling ok today but still some brown discharge so waiting for mid wife to call.

ThePhantomPlopper Thu 02-Jul-09 21:20:49

How are you getting on?

biggernow Thu 02-Jul-09 22:03:40

i had spotting on and off 6-10 weeks (2nd pregnancy- son is nearly 2 and didn't spot during 1st) All was ok- and of course seeing HB after 7 weeks very good sign. May be cervical erosion, or just as someone said- embedding.
Try not to worry.....hope you got some support. I had this too- am off for 20 week scan tomorrow. good luck to you- hugs x

mummynumnum Fri 03-Jul-09 06:25:47

Still some discharge. Midwife said to worry if it starts turning into blood. Midwife said hb also a good sign at 7 week scan.

ThePhantomPlopper Fri 03-Jul-09 11:03:43

Am glad everything is OK.

Take it easy!

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