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George Eliot or Walsgrave?

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Ladyem Wed 01-Jul-09 09:25:45


I'm due to have a c-section in Aug in George Eliot Hopsital, Nuneaton, but am not really sure about the hospital as not had the best of care and it is just so depressing in there. I Just wondered if you could tell me if you would recommend George Eliot or a transfer to Walsgrave in Coventry instead, which is a newer hospital. Not been offered a tour of either and them and the antenatal care up here is awful compared to Bristol where I had DD a couple of years a go, when we got tours of the hospital, 7 weeks of antenatal classes and physio advice afterwards with relaxation classes etc! (Sorry to moan, but am stressing out now!!)

Many thanks in advance!

itseemedagoodidea Thu 02-Jul-09 16:32:02

no idea i'm afraid.....i clicked onto this thread as i thought it was a name choice!!!

good luck either way

Ladyem Thu 02-Jul-09 20:36:18

Lol!!! That's really funny!! grin

RedLentil Thu 02-Jul-09 20:46:55

I had my DD1 at Walsgrave and had a natural birth. They were fab about a few things that might have gone differently if it wasn't a caring environmetn.

I'd had a traumatic birth with DS and mentioned this and my fear of the internal exams on my birth plan.

They were so exceptionally symapthetic about all of this I was amazed and touched. Instead of being treated like a loon (which I was at that point in all fairness), I got kindness and good humour from everyone concerned, and a good birth as a result.

There is a very unpleasant consultant there - Cietak - who was rude, poked me with a pencil and is generally unpopular with all the midwives. But everyone else was lovely.

I hope this helps.

Ladyem Fri 03-Jul-09 08:53:38

Hi Redlentil!

Thanks for that, I'm seeimg my consultant at George Eliot on tues as I saw my MW yesterday and told her I wasn't happy and if still not happy after that I'm going to request a transfer to Walsgrove as I've heard lots of good things about it there!

Got to sort it soon as I'm 31 weeks!!!

Thanks again for the info! grin

Baisey Fri 03-Jul-09 10:10:20

You can easily request a tour of both places when you go to see your midwife.
I was offered a tour of GE but didnt bother to be honest!
Had DS a George Eliot almost 3 years ago and it was brilliant, the midwife and others were great. Very bossy and knew what they were doing! Plus I am only a 10 minute drive from the George so that was one of the key factors.
On the ward wasnt so brilliant but it wasnt hell. the staff on duty overnight were very vague in showing me where the formula milk was kept and how I go about heating it up. And one did moan at me for changing DS on my bed rather than in his crib thing (im only 5`2 and have scoliosis so it was impossible to change him anywhere else and I told her so and to her credit she apologised) But I only stayed overnight and hurried out the next morning because I just wanted my own bed lol. Despite all that, the care wasnt lacking.
It is quite rundown, especially compared to the new Walsgrave.
Im still opting to have this DC at GE but if you are really preferring to go to Walsgrave, then go for it! and good luck!

Ladyem Fri 03-Jul-09 19:32:59

Hi Baisey,

It's good to hear about a good experience in GE. I'm going to see my consultant on Tues, so I'll request a tour while I'm there! smile Good to hear you weren't put off by your first experience and are having your next DC there too. I am closer to GE than Walsgrove - only about 8 miles away, compared to 20 to Walsgrave - but had been put off by other women who've been there. I suppose you only hear the bad side of things!hmm

Thanks again and hope your pg goes well!!grin

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