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Preg(I think).not sure how DH will react.

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spina Tue 30-Jun-09 16:52:35


Advise please.
I'm pretty sure I'm pg. This will dc3 for dh and i. I'll be over moon if I am.There in lies the problem. My DH keeps joking with friends about not having any more. Everyone knows I want a third. DH and I had a chat a while back (maybe 9mths-ironic!) He said he's happy to have a third, but he didn't feel ready ,emotionally or finacially at the time.)

All well and good. Our form of contraception is timing(can't remember it's official title-must be pg head?wink) Which is my responsibilty as it's my cycle.(and it flips out every few months!)

My concern is whether to warn DH that I think I might be pg.(I do think I'm pg a bit but never bother to tell him cos I'm usually not!)
My worry is that if I am pg he might think I've tricked him into it. Timing wise we were quite a bit before ovulation(but kinda close enough to make a girl if you follow the girl/boy timing method!)

He does try to lure me into bed with the question "do you fancy making a baby?" so part of me thinks it takes two to.....

As I'm suspicious that I might be pg, I'm worried that it's a bit dishonest to the man I adore to wake up on Sunday and say "Oh,darling,my period's a day late. Shall we do and test and see? oh Golly gosh I'm with child!"
On the other hand, if it's just one of my silly imagining I'm pg months, I don't want him to think I'm plotting something.

SORRY so rabbit-y.

JRocks Tue 30-Jun-09 16:55:57


Could you not just tell him pretty much exactly what you've said there? I think if he were really that dead against another child you'd have had a conversation about a more reliable form of contraception by now?

Hope it all works out well for you anyway smile

readyfornumber2and3 Tue 30-Jun-09 17:00:42

I think you should tell him about your suspiscions and see how he reacts, then if you arent pg you can have an open discussion about whether or not you should try for another and either start ttc or change to a more reliable form of contraception.

From what you say it doesnt sound like he is complete against the idea and as he isnt taking any responsibility to stop a pg he cant exactly blame you smile

Northernlurker Tue 30-Jun-09 17:06:53

So you're not late yet then? I would wait till you are and then tell him you need to test.
Timing is a crap method of contraception if you really don't want a baby but I think it's ok if you're not too worried either way. Your dh must know pregnancy was a possibility and so has no grounds for complaint - from his come to bed line I definately don't think he can claim not to know what might happen! grin

Just try to reign in your imagination till you're late. I was a day or two late this month and was (sort of grin) convinced I was was up the duff. Which would have been a good trick considering dh has had the snip! I've never been so pleased to get my period grin Hope it's exactly the opposite for you.

spina Tue 30-Jun-09 17:26:58

thanks. i felt really disloyal asking this on here, but it's really helped.

Timing method wise.Gosh. I agree. If we(ie both of us) really didn't want a baby, we would be using some form of contraception!!! He's always being a bit "in denial" about ttc. I've never figured it out. I think people might begin to see through the "we accidentally had three children" line a bit! We ttc for dc2 for a year for goodness sake!!!

In case I am pg, I've being kind of avoiding alcohol. That was another reason I feel a bit worried not telling him. As if I knew iykwim. tbh i haven't felt like drinking in this heat.

JRocks Tue 30-Jun-09 18:05:38

I know how you feel, I'm pregnant with dc2, and it wasn't a decision we made exactly. DS was an accident, luckily a happy one as it turned out, so I think this time we were both reluctant to say 'yes, we're trying', in case things went pear shaped. I was terrified of telling DP when I got the positive test, which was silly as he's really happy with it. I think he (and I for that matter) wanted the decision to be made for us.

I say just tell him. smile

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