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Ouch :(

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nictorina Tue 30-Jun-09 14:59:02

Hey everyone,

Just need somewhere to type my misery and worry...

I'm 5+5 and have had light cramping since before my BFP. This is my first ever pregnancy. Went to work this morning and had slightly stronger cramping and went to the loo - lots of fresh bleeding. Went straight to A&E after calling doctor. They were very good and saw me straight away before taking me up to the emergency gynae ward. I had blood tests, wee tests, internal swabs and lots of questions and now have to wait til Thursday as it's too early to do a heart beat scan.

Apparently my cervix is still closed which I took to be a good sign. But it doesn't look good does it

It sounds strange, but I never thought a miscarriage would be as emotionally draining as this - and it's not even been confirmed yet!

Sorry you've probably read it allll before. I just needed to 'type' it out of my system...

maybebaby23 Tue 30-Jun-09 15:12:07

In the first few weeks of my first pregnancy the cramps were awful, they actually made me stop walking for a second each time as they were so sharp! It is probably just everything stretching for the first time. I haven't felt much cramping at all this time and it doesnt hurt as bad! I also had some spotting which was put down to implantation, and carried on spotting until i gave birth. They found it was coming from an erosion on my cervix. Baby was fine, i was traumatised in and out of hospital being monitored etc! I hope the outcome is a good one for you.
I wont even say try to think positive because i know how hard it is. Take care and hope all is ok.

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