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Nuchal Scan

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mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 30-Jun-09 14:13:33

Just wondering if it is now standard to offer nuchal scans to all regardless of age of mum? Or do you have to go private?

Does anyone know? Salisbury area.

timmette Tue 30-Jun-09 14:19:46

I think it depends on where you live yet again hmm .

carrielou2007 Tue 30-Jun-09 16:48:30

You should be offered one if you are over 35 but it will depend on your area. I had to pay for both of mine and when I asked to have one at the hosptial that I gave birth to dd in (and will again this time) I was told no. My preggers friend has just had one done there (it's 20 miles away) for free whereas mine cost 99 for dating scan and 186 for oscar.


littlemissdaisy Tue 30-Jun-09 17:35:18

I am 30 with my first and i was offered one as standard at Dorchester. My friend had her babaies in Salisbury and had to pay private for the Nuchal scan

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 01-Jul-09 09:14:11

It is crazy isn't it. When I had mine I ws 33 and 35 and had to pay (Portsmouth) whereas next door in chichester, it was all free...

Post code lottery strikes again.

thanks ladies.

fatandiknowit Wed 01-Jul-09 09:45:48

I'm booked with Salisbury Hospital and was not offered it.

I'm 30 and this is my first.

Dormez Mon 20-Jul-09 20:45:27

I live in Manchester and no NHS hosps do it. Does anyone know how to choose between the private clinics is there a monitoring body?

trellism Mon 20-Jul-09 21:02:59

I'm 34 and having my first at UCLH - I got offered a nuchal scan and triple test as standard but I understand that other London hospitals will charge under-35s for these.

MyCatIsGreebo Mon 20-Jul-09 21:21:31

I was 38 when found out pregnant with DS and had to pay for nuchal scan. I live in the Gloucester area. He was my 2nd dc

worley Mon 20-Jul-09 21:24:20

most hospitals are now offering the nuchal screen/combined test at the same time as the dating scan. it is the goverments aim that all nhs hospitals should be offering a nuchal by march 2010. in 2007 only 30% of nhs antenatal clinics offered the nuchal screen as part of the routine dating scan.
it is taking time to be rolled through out as sonographers have to have another course to do the nuchal scan and as in most nhs jobs there arent enough sonographers at the moment, and obtaining funding to train more is not easy.

can you tell i just did an essay on nuchal transclucency screening!

Dormez Wed 22-Jul-09 09:24:35

as an expert worley can i ask you is it the same equip but different training to normal scans? I have booked private one at local bupa hosp is hard to know where is reliable when outside nhs.

l39 Wed 22-Jul-09 09:35:18

I'm in Hampshire. Even though I'm 40 I would have had to pay £190 for the nuchal scan. I just had the blood test, which had a low-risk result.

Thandeka Wed 22-Jul-09 09:41:03

The whittington north london offers it as standard- am having mine next week.

bevlin Wed 22-Jul-09 20:55:48

Im in Edinburgh and had to pay £190. I didn't know it was on the NHS anywhere.

pretoria Thu 23-Jul-09 08:54:58

The nuchal scan uses the same equipment as the normal scan - they just do extra measurements of the fluid at the back of the neck, so need extra training for this.

Reginamygina Thu 23-Jul-09 12:12:04

All free here in Dartford, Darent Hospital.

bubblesincambridge Thu 23-Jul-09 15:36:30

Had to pay for mine in Cambridge £180. Well worth it though. It includes 2 blood tests too.

My ratio risk turned out to be 1:2217 and I'm 42, so for peace of mind and knowing that I don't need amniocentesis, worth every penny.

I think its outrageous that it isn't available on the NHS for women over 35.

Scorps Thu 23-Jul-09 15:38:09

We are in Cornwall, and all mothers can opt in or out of it, on the NHS. (with combined bloods)

worley Thu 23-Jul-09 19:39:20

pretorias right. all machines they do the nuchal scan on have to under 5 years old too. so should be good quality machines.

it will available to every woman, regardless of age by mar 2010.

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