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21 weeks pregnant, Braxton Hicks

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ashymae Mon 29-Jun-09 19:19:08

I am currently 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant with a little boy. He is very very active. My husband was able to feel him at week 18 and we have been able to see him kicking for over a week. My placenta lies near the back so he is right near the front. I have been having 6-10 BH contractions a day, usually spanned apart by 2 hours each. They are not painful and last no more than 45 seconds, my OB said no need to worry. I am still excercising and do not have them when running or lifting weights, usually just at random times. Has anyone else experienced this? I am very concerned about preterm labor.

JemL Mon 29-Jun-09 20:09:31

I never had BH with DS (that I noticed) but I know people that have experinced them frequently and continually from mid pregnancy. If ther are random, there is no need to worry.

Impressed that you are running and lifting weights!

hobnob57 Mon 29-Jun-09 21:10:20

I've been having BXs since about 18 weeks this time around, and they are getting stronger all the time. I don't think there's any cause for concern, although it does seem a but odd. With my last pg I had BXs every 8-10 mins for 2-3 weeks and still needed to be induced in the end, so no correlation to labour for me!

blinder Mon 29-Jun-09 21:37:09

I'm 30 weeks and been having them regularly since 18 weeks too. Some days they are very frequent and lots of things spark them off.

The only possible worry with them is that they sometimes increase if you are dehydrated apparently. Just check that your urine is quite pale in colour. If not, drink another pint of water a day.

Don't be concerned though. They don't have anything to do with the date you actually deliver.

M78 Mon 29-Jun-09 22:30:57

I have been having BH since 18 wks as well. I get them every day now and some days like today they were really frequent at least twice every hour. I seem to be getting them more if my bladder is full. My consultant told me not to worry unless they become painful.

M78 Mon 29-Jun-09 22:31:39

sorry forgot to mentioned that I am 27+4 wks!

ashymae Tue 30-Jun-09 03:12:06

Thanks everyone! Only had 2 today. Maybe it was being on vacation in the hot weather and not drinking enough or the fact that my little guy is very active!

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