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Frimley Park Hospital?

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Kyte Sun 28-Jun-09 20:09:25

I looked round Frimley Park hospital today and had a few questions......

Can you use your own laptop & get access to the internet on the ward without paying for those flippin expensive cards?

Are the 'amenity rooms' worth the £100 a night fee? shock

How long do you stay in for a cs?

What is the care like? (esp for cs mums)

Umm, is there anything you wished you'd known that you can pass on?

littone Sun 28-Jun-09 20:38:43

Hi Kyte

I had my son as Frimley Park 2 years ago. Don't know why you wouldn't be able to used your own laptop but I would be suprised if they had an unsecured wireless network for you to use!! In reality I think you will be busy recovering/looking after your baby/seeing visitors to have time to use it!

The amenity rooms are just single rooms, not en suite, but obviously a bit quieter than being on the ward, and a bit more room for all your clobber. I am a very light sleeper so prefered to be in a room than on a ward - though there may not be a room available - you cannot book them in advance - they will be given to women without charge if the hospital feels there is a medical reason for it.

I think most of the CS mums stay for about 5 days though I am sure someone else will know for sure. What seemed better at Frimley than other hospitals where friends had cs is that after the cs you go onto a cs only ward where I believe more help is available than in the main post natal ward.

I was looked after very well, I had trouble breast feeding and midwives very supportive. I was unwell at home and had to be readmitted after 5 days and really could not fault the care that I had.

I think they have refurbished some of the labour rooms sine I was there, but I wasn't particularly bothered by the room, I had something else to concentrate on!! I would certainly have future DC there.

twoplusone Sun 28-Jun-09 20:44:43

I had my son there 5 years ago..
Re the amenity rooms.. I got one but wouldnt have paid £100 for it.. I got it as the wards were busy, so luckily for me it was the only free bed at 5 am in the morning..

Dont know about internet access etc.. tbhit was the last thing on my mind after any of my children.. until I got home..
I do know of people that have left hospital after day 3 with a section.

LadyOfWaffle Sun 28-Jun-09 20:48:53

I have had two there - I cannot rate it highly enough. I come under Wexham/Heatherwood area technically and aftercare was with them, but MWs didn't want to come until day 5 because 1 was too short notice, 2, 3 & 4 were bank holiday weekend and were willing to leave me with a temp of 40 for this long - rung Frimley and was back in, on a drip within an hour. I stayed in a side room then for 5 days - I did prefer it to the ward, but no ensuite. You could watch TV and feed at night, rather than go to the feeding room (you cannot nappy change/feed etc. on the ward at night). There is a CS wardbut I do not know what that is like.

LadyOfWaffle Sun 28-Jun-09 20:50:56

The cards I think are about £5 a day... maybe less? I had mumsnet on all day in bed grin I think you can plug in a laptop (we were told we could bring them to watch DVDs in labour!) but I doubt they have internet access, unless you have one of those cards for your laptop?

Kyte Mon 29-Jun-09 05:22:06

Thank you - that's really helpful.

This will be my 2nd LO. But with my first we were in a different hospital and both caught infections so had to be in a side room for 8 days.

When we went round the wards, I didn't really like the lack of privacy because you're supposed to have the curtains open all day unless changing or being examined and anyone walking past can see everything (and we did!). And as I want to bf on demand and I imagine after a cs I will be a little slow getting out of bed, having to walk the cot to another room with a crying baby at night, wouldn't really help.

I just want any info, so that I can be prepared for what comes without getting grouchy about it....I know what I'm like when I'm tired LOL.

alp Mon 29-Jun-09 09:47:19

Not being able to change or feed at night on the ward is news to me! I did both (rebel that I am wink ) without any issues.

Now that was 6 years ago so it might be different now!

Friends who were on the CS recovery ward were given a lot of support and help.

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Mon 29-Jun-09 14:21:12

I had a emcs there last July.
You are allowed to both change and feed your baby overnight on the ward.

There is a c-section ward you stay on for the day following your c-section and then you are moved to the normal maternity ward. I think there is also a ward that they have if your child goes to SCBU so you are not surrounded by other peoples babies.

I had my emcs on Monday and was out Wednesday night but there were a couple of others who were staying an extra night.

Really wouldn't bother paying extra for private room.

Breastfeeding support - ok. If you want to do it they will try and help but after several unsuccessful attempts I asked for a breastfeeding specialist and was told they only worked "normal" hours - it was something like 11am on a Tuesday.

However I would say all other care was great and I am sure there maternity deparment was rated very highly.

Dophus Mon 29-Jun-09 16:07:50

I had DS2 there and was a littel disappointed. I had high expectations due to its reputation so despite living 2 min from St Peter's elected to have baby there.

The first midwives I got were lovely however the midwife I had for the delivery (temp) really encourged to use the epidural drip - I wanted to lay off (but was easily convinced to keep pressing). I have heard since that they do this is they have are too busy and short staffed and need to stagger deliveries! The epidural slowed things to stationary and I ended up in the op for a ventouse delivery (it took a lot of persuasion not to go straight to a CS).

There were no amenity rooms availble and I ended up int he post -op room where I found the midwife to be awful. She was stressed - wouldn't respond to any requests without a huff and a puff. I was in a lot of pain having been massacred for the ventouse and made repeated requests for analgesia. She said to me 'don't know what you're crying about - these women have all had CS's'. I had a CS first time around and the initial pain was comparable. Miserable cow! It also later turned out that she could have given me oromorph - just elected not to.

I also found the lack of privacy ont he ward horrid. Everytime I shut my curtains the nurses would open them again. The poor lady opposite me hacd had a CS and had everythng on display. It wasn't a pleasant sight for me either!

Surprisingly I had a much better experience at Royal Surrey where I had a CS. However I was there as a private patient so difficult to compare.

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