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Can i eat soft chees triangles???????

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Tiaxx31 Sun 28-Jun-09 12:39:43

I miss my brussels pate on toast so much, i miss my salad cream and i miss eating prawn cocktails with lettice,tomato & cucumber. So are we allowed to eat cheese triangles? or is that a no no too. All these do'd and don'ts is driving me crazy when i see my friends eating what i want to eat. I've given up smoking at about 6-8 weeks preg when i found out, really couldn't stand the taste or smell, it is disgusting. I know we get told we can't eat brie, i don't like that anyway but i love cheese triangles. I am 17 weeks and in total agony with my back ache, i think it must be a trapped nerve. But this morning i even lost my hearing because of it, midwife said put a hot water bottle there, it did help a bit and she said take paracetomol(i really didn't want to take them)as i'm paranoid. Anybody got any good idea about this pain and cheese triangles allowed?

bigchris Sun 28-Jun-09 12:40:43


Ledodgy Sun 28-Jun-09 12:43:38

Yes! Any pasturised cheese is allowed.

ShowOfHands Sun 28-Jun-09 12:46:16

Paracetamol are fine.

Have you seen a physio? Here you can self refer to the pregnancy physio at the hospital. I had terrible sciatica when pg and the physio helped enormously.

hanaflower Sun 28-Jun-09 12:47:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigchris Sun 28-Jun-09 12:49:31

only cooked shellfisj is ok but i avoided it as it can be dodgy at the best of times

Tambajam Sun 28-Jun-09 12:54:37

Salad, cooked prawns, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and soft cheese triangles are all fine. There were some question marks about bagged salads but lettuce just needs a good wash.
Salad cream is fine. Only homemade mayo with raw unpateurised egg is a problem.

FruitynNutty Sun 28-Jun-09 12:54:37

No, you might grow an extra head wink

I'm surprised you're not eating prawns, salad cream, lettuce, tomato and cucumber! shock
They are all perfectly fine!

Paracetamol are also fine.

Where are you getting this information?????

FruitynNutty Sun 28-Jun-09 12:55:50

BTW - Most shellfish is advised to avoid but Prawns don't count for some reason I've completely forgotton........

FruitynNutty Sun 28-Jun-09 12:57:56


JoPie Sun 28-Jun-09 13:26:49

Whatever book you are reading, throw it out before you starve. You have got some bad info there. You can eat any of the things you have listed, and paracetomol is fine.

Tambajam Sun 28-Jun-09 18:12:25

Fruityandnutty - that link reads to me that cooked shellfish is fine: mussels, scallops, clams, crab.
Just avoid raw which sensible people do anyway as it tastes like snot wink

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