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Indigestion/ BH?

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Gromit78 Fri 26-Jun-09 16:36:16

This may seem a silly question but do Braxton Hicks feel a bit like indigestion? I get ever such a tight feeling at the top of my bump that kinda feels like indigestion, but Gaviscon doesn't seem to work and part of me wonders if BH sort of feels the same?

reikizen Sat 27-Jun-09 10:23:26

No, Braxton hicks feel like your bump going extremely tight and can sometimes take your breath away, not a burning, acidy feeling high up. In my experience. However, do you have high blood pressure? Headaches, visual disturbances or swelling of face/hands/feet? It is just that epigastric pain (which may be what you are describing) is one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

Gromit78 Wed 01-Jul-09 00:05:51

No I am not suffering from HB. I think it is just Braxton Hicks as well as the baby moving into very uncomfortable positions. Can't he/she wiggle down into my pelvis nice and gently?

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