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Friend has to have 2nd 20 week scan?

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RoseBlossoms Fri 26-Jun-09 15:50:13

The songrahper said she couldn’t see the spine could it just be the way the baby is laid? Has any one had this and a positive outcome?

PerfectPrefect Fri 26-Jun-09 15:52:07

More than likely.

Sonagraphy couldn't see my babies lips o I had to go back. In that instance it was because she had her hands in front of her face - but I knew that so didn't worry about it IYSWIM.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 26-Jun-09 15:55:02

Exact same things happened to us with DS1.
Our sonographer's english was spectacularly lacking.
"She announced. I cannot see all of spine or babies heart, you must come back next week!"

He was fine. Had all of his spine and his heart too. Sometimes the positioning of the baby doesn't allow them to clearly see it all.

Doesn't stop you from worrying though.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Fri 26-Jun-09 16:00:36

Yes, had this with ds1. Spine and something else (liver? heart? can't remember). They spent ages trying to see, but the baby was in the wrong place.

All was fine.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 26-Jun-09 17:14:04

You know I'm not much of a beer drinker, but i've been giving it some thought.

Miller and Bud aren't bad names.
DS2 is Sol.
(not actually named after the beer, but probably still my favourite beer).

If i ever have more children i'll be careful to avoid the names Miller, Bud and Stella though.

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 26-Jun-09 17:15:09

<snort> wrong thread.

brightonbleach Fri 26-Jun-09 18:57:24

i have to have a 2nd 20week scan as well this coming week (22 weeks tomorrow) as they couldn't see the base of his or her spine, under its bum basically as its currently in breech position! They told me that it wasn't anything to worry about, just procedure that they get a look at whole spine etc., what they could see of the rest of its spine looked normal so am not concerned. much.

never google i googled it! urgh no wonder you say never googledragonbutter!! lmao grin

PinkyRed Fri 26-Jun-09 21:22:38

I had this with both my dd and ds - nothing to worry about at all. They were just lying in the wrong position and wouldn't move. Awkward buggers grin The follow up scans got them in a different position and they were fine.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sat 27-Jun-09 09:47:55

well don't say i didn't warn you iate!

RoseBlossoms Sun 28-Jun-09 19:27:21

Ok thanks, she was a little freaked.

Dragonbutter please dont name your child stella!!!

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 29-Jun-09 21:40:40

I think it's unlikely grin

Wanderingsheep Mon 29-Jun-09 21:45:47

I had this too. It was because DD was completely bottom down and wouldn't budge, the sonographer couldn't see the base of the spine.

DD is fine smile

SoupDragon Mon 29-Jun-09 21:47:12

In my case it was just that they couldn't see it all at once. She'd seen it all in separate shots but not the whole thing.

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