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Would you bother to apply for a job when pregnant?

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mosschops30 Fri 26-Jun-09 12:17:41

Its a job I would really like to do, working within the same NHS trust as Im in now but in a different position. The pay would be the same, hours probably similar, but its something Im really interested in doing.

However am due to go on mat leave early October, and will be off for six months.

These jobs tend to come up every 3 months or so, although havent seen one for a while.

So would you apply or wait until you finish maternity leave and then start looking. I know youre not allowed to discrminate against pg women, but if I was leading a team I wouldnt want to employ someone who would only be working for me for another 3 months, even if it wasnt coming out of my pocket, youre still left short staffed!

Opinions welcome

fleacircus Fri 26-Jun-09 12:21:55

I wouldn't, to be honest, because I'd assume that they wouldn't give it to me and I wouldn't want to waste the time and effort of putting a good application together just for a demoralising result. I have applied for a job while on maternity leave, though -a significant promotion in the same organisation, which I didn't get. DD was 16wks and I was too out of touch to interview well; in retrospect, I'm really glad, as it left me free to get pregnant again!

Gromit78 Fri 26-Jun-09 16:28:11

I wouldn't bother. I was looking for another job as soon as I started my own naffy job, but then became pregnant so I stopped looking. No one will bother hiring a pregnant woman. So I had to suffer working for a right %"^*#%

I intend to find something different whilst on Mat leave and get out of that company as soon as possible.

Nekabu Fri 26-Jun-09 17:00:07

I wouldn't apply for it but I would chuck my c.v. their way with a "I'm off on maternity leave in October but this is something I'm really interested in and wondered if you could please bear me in mind for any future positions you might have from April onwards." letter.

smeraldina Mon 29-Jun-09 14:19:54

My thoughts differ from the rest of the advice you've received so far.

I applied for four jobs while pregnant. I didn't get the first two (when pregnancy wasn't visible) For the second two I was visibly pregnant and was offered both of them. I'd say go for it. At least give the employer the option of choosing you. You might be the best candidate - and it's likely (we hope) that they want the best candidate regardless of the adjustments they will need to make if they offer you the job, involving maternity leave. And, no, if you're not visibly pregnant, I don't think you need to mention it anyway.

If pregnant women assume they aren't going to be picked for the reason they are pregnant (or if we tell them that they won't be) it makes a nonsense of the anti-discrimination laws for which we have fought so hard.

smeraldina Mon 29-Jun-09 14:21:40

Oh - how it's worked out is that my employer has found someone to cover for me for the first few months - and I will take up the post later on.

Good luck! Hope you apply!

lal123 Mon 29-Jun-09 14:35:50

It would depend on the post I think - whether its one they can temporarily fill until you've back from maty leave, or deal with a vacancy til then. I'd probably pick up the phone and give them a call and discuss with them.

MamaLazarou Mon 29-Jun-09 14:59:50

Yes. I am applying for jobs and am 10 wks so not showing yet. One of the jobs I have applied for recently (the one I really REALLY want) is a 6-month contract, so if they offered it to me now, I would be able to work up until I start my leave. It would be ideal (fingers crossed).

If I get a permanent job, I will feel a bit guilty telling them I'm pregnant soon afterwards, but we need the money, and it's not against the law.

(Brilliant post from smeraldina!)

Sn0wflake Mon 29-Jun-09 15:27:39

I went for a job in early pregnancy and got it. So I say if you want that job go for it.

Dophus Mon 29-Jun-09 15:39:37

I would go for it. If you're right candidate then they will want you. e.g. 6 months is a very short time int he overall scheme of things.

I applied for a promotion into a differnt role during a competive restructure (i.e. 25% of people were losing their jobs) when 7 months pregnant and got it...

McSnail Mon 29-Jun-09 16:05:34

Well - due to my circumstances, I applied for about four teaching jobs at eight months pregnant. I wouldn't have if things had been 'normal'.
I did say in my applications I was knocked up as I thought that was fair. Have heard back from two (both nos) and not heard back from the other two.

I suppose you have to be in it to win it...

crankytwanky Tue 30-Jun-09 21:26:06

I was made redundant in early pregnancy, so was forced to look for more work. Luckily my bump was small, so managed to get a job at 24 weeks. I didn't tell them, and I still feel mighty guilty. In fact they still mention it, but there are 12 women on ML at the mo from our dept, so it wasn't the worst thing in the world.
I turned down one job which was well paid, but with a small family business, as I didn't want to bankrupt them!
Do what's right for your family.
Good luck!

becboo Wed 01-Jul-09 11:14:45

I would go for it, I am a nurse and applied for a new job with a different company and completely different role than i do now, i wasnt confident i would get it as i was pregnant. i was completely honest with them and put on my application form that i wouldnt be available to start work until september after my mat leave ( i am only taking 3 months off after baby is born!! am booked in for a section on monday) anyway i flew through the interviews and got the job grin so i think if you want the job then go for it- whats the worst that can happen???

Good luck

9littlelegs Sat 18-Jul-09 08:24:38

Im 17weeks pregnant and not working at the moment although a job has come up at the local gp surgery which im really interested in.should i apply please help.

alicecrail Sat 18-Jul-09 08:36:17

I have mixed feelings about this. I left one job i was at for a year, had a week off before i started my new job. In that week i found out i was pg (not planned) which put me in a difficult situation, as although i was only 5weeks pg and by law not required to tell them, the nature of the job meant that i would have to tell them so that i didn't get too much of the very strenous work. I started on the monday and decided i had to tell them by the wednesday. I had lost my job by the weekend, on the pretence that it was only a trial and they actually didn't need as much staff as they thought, but if 'anything happened' to get in touch hmm

I then applied for work in bars/restaraunts and was given a job working in a country pub with the employers fully aware that i was pg and what i intended to work etc.

The only other thing to take into consideration is if you will want to/be able to go back to work after having your baby.

I think Nebaku's post seems like a very good idea, as you will come across as very sensible and keen, but as though you understand it from their point of view too.

Good luck smile

StealthPolarBear Sat 18-Jul-09 08:37:49

yes, I will do when I'm off this time, as I hope to go back to a different job

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