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bettybets Fri 26-Jun-09 11:32:55

My baby always has hiccups, once a day i'd say, i was talking in the staff room to another pregnant friend and she said she not felt any hiccups at all. Another lady piped up to say i'd have a colicy baby.

Just wondered if its true?

BlackEyedDogstar Fri 26-Jun-09 11:37:22

Really? My ds was very hiccuppy when I was pg and still gets them easily when he giggles. No colic at all though!

Beccabump Fri 26-Jun-09 13:18:52

My DD was very hiccoughy before being born and it carried on to this day! Now this one (37 weeks) is just the same! Did have colic with DD but nowhere near as bad as some babies

MmeLindt Fri 26-Jun-09 13:20:46

DD had hiccups at least once a day when I was pregnant with her and that continued after she was born. She was not at all colicy but still gets hiccups if she laughs too much, as does DS.

MrsHappy Fri 26-Jun-09 13:38:39

DD was very hiccupy - more than once a day- and still hiccups a lot now she is 3.

She was a bit colicky, but not after about 6 weeks so hardly anything to write home about.

moosemama Fri 26-Jun-09 13:48:36

My dd (now 23 weeks) had hiccups incessantly during the last trimester, made all the more noticeable because she was breech. They got to be so frequent and went on for so long each time that I became concerned and asked the midwife about them. She said it was nothing to worry about and that its often caused by the baby practising breathing movements and so is generally thought of as a good thing.

To reassure you, dd is the sweetest baby, no colic at all, great feeder and sleeper and still gets hiccups on a regular basis. (Conversely, both my boys suffered with colic and I didn't feel either of them having hiccups inutero.)

An old wives tale methinks.

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. smile

bettybets Fri 26-Jun-09 15:07:04

Thanks, i really felt like telling that woman to 'shut up' in the staff room.


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